Hogwarts Legacy – Ghost Of Our Love (Side Quest)

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Ghost Of Our Love
 is an optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at the Forbidden Forest. North of Hogwarts Castle.

This specific side quest will have us following a bunch of enchanted candles around the Forbidden Forest.

SIDE QUEST: Ghost of Our Love
LOCATION: Forbidden Forest
GUIDE: Head to the Forbidden Forest, north of Hogwarts Castle. Remember to equip the Lumos spell as it is quite dark around here. Near the entrance we will encounter the ‘Enchanted Candles’. Follow these candles.

As you continue to follow these candles there will be several hostile enemies along the way. Remedy this issue by casting ‘Disillusionment’ on yourself. Turning yourselves invisible in the process, making the quest much easier and quicker for yourself. (The Disillusionment is a spell reward that you can get during the main story).

When you finally reach the treasure you will encounter more hostility, this time in the way of Dark Mongrels. Ultimately though, the enchanted candles will have led us to a picnic area with a treasure chest.

Inside the treasure chest will be 400 Galleons. The quest will then come to an end.


REWARDS: 180 XP, 400 Galleons


The map portrays a forest, bridge and candles. I’ve put it into my bag for reference.

Use the Map with Floating Candles to find the treasure


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