Hogwarts Legacy – The Lost Astrolabe (Side Quest)

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The Lost Astrolabe is an optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at Lower Hogsfield. The nearby countryside of Hogwarts.

This specific side quest sees us diving in the Black Lake in search for a long lost family heirloom.

SIDE QUEST: The Lost Astrolabe
QUEST GIVER: Grace Pinch – Smedley
LOCATION: Lower Hogsfield
GUIDE: Head to Lower Hogsfield and we will be able to locate the student standing on the pier. She will then introduce herself as Grace Pinch – Smedley.

Turns out she needs to retrieve something from the bottom of the lake. We will then continue to learn that her grandfather and grandmother set sail on these very waters but never made it back. They presumably ended up drowning. Her grandfather had a keen interest in astrology.

Thus begins our quest. We need to retrieve the lost astrolabe, which is apparently at the bottom of the lake. We can begin our search northeast of the dock. Head into the water and let us begin our search!

As we continue through the Black Lake we will come across Cottongrass Dugbog, these are often lurking within the waters. They can also be seen attached to your ‘Challenges menu’. So feel free to deal with them however you wish.

Continue swimming through the lake and head in a northern direction. You will know if you are at the correct location as the game will indicate as much ‘This must be where the Pinch-Smedley family astrolabe is’.

Next we want to search the nearby surrounding water for bubbles and an indication that something can be collected. When you find it, proceed and dive under. The game will automatically collect our reward.

(Note: There are many other items and objects that can also be found underwater. Not only just the astrolabe. The Worn Quidditch Uniform is another reward that lurks underwater)

Just keep searching the bubbles or ripples on the water surface and one of them will be our astrolabe. Once you have it proceed and report back to Grace. This will then complete the quest.

REWARDS: Mermaid Mask, 180 XP


A student outside Lower Hogsfield is staring longingly out over the waters of the Black Lake. I wonder what’s on her mind

Speak with the student on the dock

Dive in the Black Lake and find the astrolabe

Return to Grace


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