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Venomous Valour is another optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at The Astronomy Wing. Here we can find and speak with Duncan Hobhouse.

This specific side quest sees us having to explore a rather dangerous corridor that is full of dangerous plants. In our attempts to help Duncan prove that he is not a coward.

SIDE QUEST: Venomous Valour
QUEST GIVER: Duncan Hobhouse
LOCATION: The Astronomy Wing (Hogwarts Castle)
GUIDE: We can find Duncan Hobhouse over at The Astronomy Wing, where he will be looking for someone to help him out with a ‘small project’.

Turns out that during one of Professor Hecat’s classes Duncan accidentally mixed up a spell and instead of summoning a Boggart, he ended up with a Puffskein. To make matters worse Duncan is afraid of the Puffskein creature and his fellow students are now regarding him as somewhat of a coward. Calling him names such as ‘Puffskein Dunkein’

Duncan also goes on to say that the Herbology Professor kept dangerous plants around and quite a few of them too. Now no one dares to go near the ‘Hidden Herbology Corridor’.

Our next destination is over at the Library Annex and to the library itself. Once inside the library proceed through the door and continue up the stairs to the next floor.

Keep following the objective marker. It will take us outside. We are looking for a hidden door behind a section of tree branches and leaves. Use the ‘Incendio’ spell to burn away the greenery. This is actually the entrance to the ‘Hidden Herbology Corridor’

Once inside we are now looking for proof for Duncan. In this case we need to find a dangerous plant. Not just any plant though, we need to find and bring back a Venomous Tentacula leaf.

The plants here thrive on darkness so make sure to cast and equip the ‘Lumos’ spell. This will lighten up the area and hopefully keep the dangerous plants at bay.

Keep following the objective marker and it will lead us to our venomous leaf. It will look like a large Venomous Flytrap. Whilst inside this dangerous herbology corridor there will also be a treasure chest containing a Loosened Cobalt Runic Scarf

Once you are ready make your way to the Greenhouses. Then to report back to Duncan over at The Astronomy Wing (Transfiguration Courtyard)

REWARDS: Venomous Tentacula Robe, 180 XP


Duncan Hobhouse seems to have a Puffskein problem. I wonder if I can help him out

Talk to Duncan Hobhouse

Find and enter the Hidden Herbology Corridor

Obtain proof for Duncan

Collect a Giant Venomous Tentacula leaf

Return to Duncan


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