Hogwarts Legacy – ‘Dissending’ For Sweets (Side Quest)

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‘Dissending’ For Sweets is another optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at The Great Hall. Here we can find and speak with Garreth Weasley.

This specific side quest sees us having to help Garreth Weasley find a vital ingredient that is necessary to help concoct a beverage.

SIDE QUEST: ‘Dissending’ For Sweets
QUEST GIVER: Garreth Weasley
LOCATION: The Great Hall (Hogwarts Castle)
GUIDE: Head to The Great Hall and we can find Garreth Weasley by the torch of fire. Near the wall.

We will need to speak with Garreth twice to actually initiate the side quest. Upon speaking with Garreth a second time we will then learn that he has plans to create and concoct a beverage inspired by the ‘Fizzing Whizzbee’. However, he is currently lacking a vital ingredient. Garreth has plans for this beverage and wants it to be a gift.

The key ingredient is apparently known as a ‘Billywig sting’ and can be found at a store over in Honeyduke’s cellar.

Our next objective is to find the statue of a one-eyed witch. Which we can find over at the Faculty Tower. The game will indicate if we are at the correct statue or not. Interact with it to continue with the quest.

One-Eyed Witch Statue

By mentioning the password ‘Dissendium’ at the statue we will now be whisked away to a secret passage. Continue on and we will find a broken lift. Use the ‘Reparo’ spell in order to quickly fix the lift.

Once repaired proceed and ride the lift down to the lower levels. We will soon encounter a large spider web. Use Incendio to burn away the webs and then Levioso on the small lift platform. We will then be able to climb the ledge.

There will be another opportunity for the Levioso spell once we reach the top of the ledge. Keep making your way towards the quest marker. If you are having trouble with moving the frame and creating another path for yourself then be sure to use the ‘Accio’ spell and TARGET THE FRAME. If you fail to target the correct object then it will not work.

Focus Your Aim At The Frame

Once you have successfully managed to reach the objective marker we will find ourselves at a gate. To open it simply cast Incendio on both of the campfires, next to the door. It will then open

(Note: There is also a treasure chest in the water, to the left of the gate. It contains a Tan Nightcap)

Feel free to loot this next room for Galleon coin. Then make your way to Honeydukes. Here we can begin our actual search for the Billywig stings.

This area will also have several locations and chests that we can loot. One of these chests contains a Orange Eye Of Newt Goggles.

However, what we are looking for (the Billywig stings) can be found behind a small curtain. On a table. Next to a lit candle.

Now that we have what we came for we can report back to Garreth.

REWARDS: Quidditch Board, 180 XP


It appears that Garreth Weasley wants to speak with me

Talk to Garreth Weasley

Find the statue of the one-eyed witch

Open the one-eyed witch statue

Explore the secret passage

Find the Billywig stings

Return to Garreth


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