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Now as a wizard it is very important to master your spells and wand abilities. However, alongside all of that. What is equally important is to have a magic broom and be able to fly around on it.

Imagine flying around and enjoying the sights and views. Sound great right? Not only do we have the ability to fly around and enjoy the spectacular views but we also need a broom in order to participate in Quiddich too. One of the most thrilling sports for young enthusiastic wizards.

So how does one go about finding a broom and beginning to use it in order to fly?

Well unfortunately we cannot begin our flight class straight away. We have a bit of a wait first before we can begin. By this I mean that we need to complete the ‘Flying Class’ main story quest first.

The ‘Flying Class’ main story quest is the nineteenth quest and you will unlock it after successfully completing the ‘Tomes And Tribulations’ quest. It will feature learning how to fly whilst in Madam Kogawa’s class.

From there we can begin a trial known as ‘Flight Test’. This is our first opportunity to purchase our very own magic broom.

Head to South Hogsmeade and, more specifically, the Spintwitches store. Where we can then purchase a broom from the merchant, Albie Weekes.

Each broom will cost the same price, 600 Gold or Galleon. However, each one will have a unique design. So despite costing the same price, they do not all look the same.

The brooms include the following; Ember Dash Broom, Hogwarts House Broom, Moon Trimmer Broom, Wind Wisp Broom, and the Yew Weaver Broom.

Available Brooms To Purchase

With your preferred broom now having been purchased all you need to do is equip it and you are good to go! Happy flying. Remember to always keep your seatbelt fastened and the exits are at the front and back of the.. oh wait..


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