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Absconder Encounter is an optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at Aranshire. Which is east of Hogwarts.

This specific side quest will have us hunting down spiders as we try to locate a precious heirloom watch that was left behind inside a cave. This will also force us to come face to face with the deadly Absconder spider.

SIDE QUEST: Absconder Encounter
QUEST GIVER: Edgar Adley
LOCATION: Aranshire

Head to Aranshire, which is to the east of Hogwarts, and speak with the vendor Edgar Adley.

Apparently his friend Milo decided to go into the Forbidden Forest in search of Acromantula venom, basically spider venom. As Edgar mentions the venom can be made into a potion that is seen as being valuable. So Milo decided to risk his life to go and get this venom. To no real avail.

We will now be tasked with going into this Absconder’s Cave. Which is over in the Forbidden Forest. When you arrive be sure to burn the webs that block our path. We will come across many of the spider related enemy targets, such as the Thornback Matriarch, Thornback Scurrior, and the Venomous Matriarch.

Just keep exploring and it won’t take long until we confront and find the Absconder. It is much bigger than the other spiders, so it is a dead give away. It has a habit of jumping around and summoning its minions to come and aid it during battle. Making us very much out numbered a lot of the time.

Once you are done dealing with the Absconder we then need to search the area for the heirloom that Milo left behind. It can be found inside a small side area, a dead end location. With spider eggs (Heirloom Pocket Watch). Report back to the client to complete the quest.


I need to find the Absconder’s Cave. It should be in the Forbidden Forest to the northwest of Hogsmeade


Find the Absconder’s Cave
Defeat the Absconder
Find the heirloom Milo left behind
Return the heirloom to Edgar


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