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In Hogwarts Legacy there are quite a few treasures chests to be found and opened. Some of which contain random loot, others have coins. Meanwhile we can also find ‘Collection Chests’ too.

A ‘Collection Chest’ does not contain random loot, by this I mean that each ‘Collection Chest’ that you come across, does indeed contain ‘Collection Loot’. Though this loot may differ, they do still contribute to the ‘Collection’ menu.

The ‘Collection Menu’ or ‘Collection Tab’ can be seen in the main menu screen. These contain various valuable rewards. Such as costumes, head gear, wands, and decorations for your Room of Requirement.

Do not get mixed up with the random loot chests, which are random. These random loot chests are clearly different to the ‘Collection Chests’. You can also find out if it is a ‘Collection Chest’ by opening a treasure chest and if the word ‘Collection Updated’ appears then it is, indeed, a ‘Collection Chest’.

For the purpose of this specific guide we will be focusing on finding the ‘Collection Chests’ that are located within ‘The Astronomy Wing’.

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#1 TREASURE CHEST: Head to Professor Fig’s classroom and you will find it on the table with the butterflies and moths

#2 TREASURE CHEST: Head to the ‘Defence Against Dark Arts Tower’ and then find the door with the gargoyle’s. It is on the desk

#3 TREASURE CHEST: Head to the Charms Classroom and in this corridor there is a puzzle door, solve it. The chest is inside

#4 TREASURE CHEST: Head inside the Charms Classroom and make your way up the stairs. Keep heading up until you reach the rooftop. The chest is out here

#5 TREASURE CHEST: Head to the Central Hall and solve the door puzzle. The chest is inside.

#6 TREASURE CHEST: Make your way to the dungeons and there will be a dragon statue. Near the statue there is a locked door. The chest is inside.


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