Hogwarts Legacy – Take The Biscuit (Side Quest)

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Take The Biscuit is another optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at the Hogsmeade. Here we can find and speak with a goblin named Garnuff

This specific side quest sees us having to find and rescue a Mooncalf named Biscuit

SIDE QUEST: Take The Biscuit
LOCATION: Hogsmeade
GUIDE: Head to Hogsmeade and we will be able to encounter goblin next to the western bridge, near the waterfall and Mimic chest. Upon speaking with him we will learn of a Mooncalf named Biscuit, that it has gone missing. Abducted by poachers.

Okay let us go and find and retrieve the Mooncalf known as Biscuit, now I want a biscuit. Anyway we need to first locate the poachers camp. Which, as the game indicates, is over to the north of the map.

To make the journey a bit quicker we can fast travel to Upper Hogsmeade. Then fly over to the quest marker and to the poacher’s camp. The camp itself is situated in North Ford Bog.

When we arrive there will be several enemy Poacher targets for us to deal with. Many of which are actually regarded as ‘Dark Wizards’.

Once they have been successfully dealt with we can then go and inspect the large cage. In here there will be several Mooncalf inside. Surprising. Thought we only needed to rescue the one? In order to unlock the cage door we need to use a Level 1 lock.

Now, despite there being more Mooncalf that predicted we do, indeed, need to only worry about the one. So prioritise your search for Biscuit.

Locating The Mooncalf Biscuit

Now one way to figure out which Mooncalf is actually Biscuit is by reading the names of these animals at the top of the screen. Many of which will simply read ‘Mooncalf’ but the one we want will be named ‘Biscuit the Mooncalf’.

Once you have managed to find Biscuit all that remains is to draw his attention and rescue him. We can do this by equipping a ‘Nab-Sack’. These specific sacks have the ability to rescue and hold beasts, this includes Biscuit.

When Biscuit has been caught and captured we can then report back to Garnuff to complete the side quest.

REWARDS: Beast Rescuer Robe, 180 XP


I noticed a goblin near the western bridge in Hogsmeade lamenting about a ‘biscuit’. This piqued my curiosity, and I should chat with him when I have time

Talk to the goblin in Hogsmeade

Find the Poacher Camp where Biscuit is held

Rescue Biscuit

Return to Garnuff


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