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The Lost Child is another optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at the Lower Hogsfield. Here we can find and speak with Natty

This specific side quest sees us needing to speak with Natsai Onai regarding Mr. Bickle and Theophilus Harlow

SIDE QUEST: The Lost Child
QUEST GIVER: Natsai Onai
LOCATION: Lower Hogsfield
GUIDE: Head to Lower Hogsfield in order to meet up with Natsai Onai. She will only appear during daytime, so wait if necessary. You will find her by Mr. Bickle’s home. Apparently Mr. Bickle has some evidence against Theophilus Harlow.

We now need to go and speak with Mr. Bickle, in order to do this we, first, need to find and speak with Johanna Bickle. Here we will get some tragic news regarding Mr. Bickle. That he was Johanna’s husband and he was murdered.

During the death and chaos, Johanna’s son, Archie, has gone missing. As expected Johanaa is worried about the child’s safety. It is our job to go and find him. The only clues we have about the disappearance of Archie is that he might have gone south, to the forest.

Okay after the conversation we will now want to follow Natsai Onai into the forest. It is not far so we can walk it, your choice. Simply keep following the path south and you will come to the hideout. A sign of ‘Beasts Welcome’ will be greeting you at the entrance.

Locating Archie’s Hideout

Once you have managed to find the hideout we then need to search for potential clues to what happened to Archie. We can use the spell ‘Revelio’ to help with our search. This will then reveal several footprints. Follow these footprints.

As we continue to follow these footprints make sure to keep an eye out for Archie’s satchel, which will be stuck on a tree. Once found use ‘Revelio’ once again to continue following the footprints.

Our search will eventually take us to ‘West Hogwarts Valley’. Continue to follow the footprints some more and soon enough we will find ourselves face to face with a bunch of ‘Ashwinder’ enemy targets.

After dealing with the ‘Ashwinder’ threat we will then want to inspect their nearby tent. There will be more enemy targets inside.

Keep searching this tent and we will eventually come across Catrin Haggarty, a small mini boss of the area. A easy fight really. Catrin Haggarty is around level 22, so be sure to around level 16 or higher. In reality she should be easy enough to deal with. She will also count towards the ‘Defeat Infamous Foes’ challenge.

Continue your search and when you get close enough you should then hear young Archie crying out for help. On closer inspection, it seems as though he has been caught and put inside a cage. Which is locked with a Level 1 lock.

Free young Archie and then speak with him so that he may thank us. We can then report back to Mrs. Bickle to complete the side quest.



Natty has learned of a wizard in Lower Hogsfield who is being harassed by Theophilus Harlow. Rookwood’s right-hand man. I should meet her there to investigate.

Meet Natty in Lower Hogsfield

Speak with Mrs. Bickle

Find Archie’s hideout

Follow Archie’s trail

Track Archie by casting Revelio

Enter the Ashwinder’s charmed tent

Find Archie Bickle

Unlock the cage

Speak with Archie

Speak with Mrs. Bickle


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