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Follow The Butterflies is another optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at Hogsmeade. Here we can find and speak with Clementine Willardsey

This specific side quest sees us having to follow a group of butterflies through the Forbidden Forest.

SIDE QUEST: Follow the Butterflies
QUEST GIVER: Clementine Willardsey
LOCATION: Hogsmeade
GUIDE: Head to The Three Broomsticks over in Hogsmeade and we will find Clementine. Upon doing so we will learn that she has managed to spot several butterflies over near the forest. That whenever someone approaches they, then, fly off further into the forest.

Clementine is eager to find out why the butterflies enjoy the forest so much. However, she was always prohibited from entering the area and has become terrified. So it is now up to us to go and investigate.

Once you are ready go ahead and make your way to the Forbidden Forest. Continue on along the path a little and near the forest entrance will be our butterflies.

Locating The Butterflies

The butterflies might look like flying red leaves at first, all bunched up in a group. However, the game will indicate that they are indeed our butterflies. Our job now is to go and follow them.

The butterflies will actually take us to a random treasure box containing Small-Framed Paintings. Apparently this is what makes our butterflies curious. So with that let us report back to Clementine.

This will then complete the side quest.

REWARDS: Flower Box, 180 XP


I overheard Clementine Willardsey talking to herself in the Three Broomsticks. She mentioned something about a swarm of butterflies

Talk to Clementine Willardsey

Find the butterflies in the Forbidden Forest

Find out where the butterflies are going

Return to Miss Willardsey


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