Hogwarts Legacy – A Friend In Deed (Side Quest)

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A Friend In Deed is another optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at Hogsmeade. Here we can find and speak with Sirona Ryan

This specific side quest sees us helping both Sirona and her friend Dorothy. It also takes us to a cavern known as Horklump Hollow

SIDE QUEST: A Friend In Deed
QUEST GIVER: Sirona Ryan
LOCATION: Hogsmeade
GUIDE: Head to the Three Broomsticks and we will find Sirona Ryan cleaning one of the tables. She will ask about Lodgok and then ask for a favour for one of her friends. A person named Dorothy Sprottle. Who resides in Upper Hogsfield.

Sirona is concerned that Dorothy might need some help regarding collecting ingredients for her supply of Wiggenweld Potion.

Okay let us go and pay Dorothy Sprottle a visit. She, as previously mentioned, resides over in Upper Hogsfield. Where you can find her tending to her garden.

Dorothy Sprottle Tending To Her Garden

Upon speaking with Dorothy we will find out that she does indeed need our help with finding ingredients. Due to the tragic death of Aiden, her late husband, she has found herself running rather low on an ingredient known as ‘Horklumps

Apparently we should be able to locate some of these Horklumps over in a cavern, that is located just up the hill. Along the cliffside. This cavern is known as Horklump Hollow

When inside continue on and use Incendio on the web barricade in order to remove it. The Horklumps are actually quite easy to find. One of which resides near the cavern entrance. The Horklumps are actually known as Horklump Juice. They are so easy to find, we can also find plenty more further inside.

Locating Horklump Juice

Now in order to find Sirona’s letters and letter box we will need to keep following the main path and objective marker. We can side track a little though, as there is a pool of water to the left. Next to this pool of water is a breakable wall. Use the Confringo spell to completely destroy this wall.

Before going into this new area though. Be warned that inside there are deadly plants, so make sure to have the ‘Lumos’ spell equipped. These plants do not like light, so use that to your advantage.

There are two optional treasure chests here, one containing an ‘Unidentified Outfit Item‘ and the other has an ‘Unidentified Face Item‘.

Continue back to the other side and keep following the main path. Destroy the next barricade. Then immediately turn around to find a small tunnel that we can explore.

Underground Tunnel Entrance

This tunnel will lead to a small cellar with some loot for us to collect. Including; Wiggenweld Potion, Gold, and Large Decorated Tables. Once you are ready to proceed head back through the tunnel.

Follow the main path down now in order to confront a Mountain Troll, it is a level 16 creature that is currently guarding the area. Decide if you wish to fight it or avoid it. The choice is yours to make. By opting to fight and defeat it we will receive 50 XP, Troll Bogeys, and it is also part of Professor Onai’s Assignment.

Anyway continue on and unlock the gate. Here this yet another breakable wall. Continue along the path and we will find our collection of letters for Sirona. Alongside her letter box too. Right at the entrance to the Forbidden Forest.

Report back to Sirona to complete the side quest.

REWARDS: Keg Shelf, 180 XP


Sirona, the proprietress of the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, sent me an owl requesting I meet with her at my earliest convenience. I should find out what she needs.

Talk to Sirona Ryan in the Three Broomsticks

Speak to Dorothy Sprottle in Upper Hogsfield

Find and enter the cavern

Collect Sirona’s Letters (0/5)

Collect Sirona’s letter box

Return the box of letters to Sirona


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