Hogwarts Legacy – Sweeping The Competition (Side Quest)

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Sweeping The Competition is another optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at Hogsmeade. Here we can find and speak with Albie Weekes

This specific side quest sees us testing out a new upgrade for the broom and trying to complete a new ‘flight course’

SIDE QUEST: Sweeping The Competition
QUEST GIVER: Albie Weekes
LOCATION: Hogsmeade
GUIDE: Head to the Spintwitches Sporting Needs over in Hogsmeade. Here we can find and speak with Albie Weekes, the broom merchant. We first encountered him back when we were still learning to fly a broom. This time not only does he sell brooms but he also has upgrades for us.

The broom upgrade that is currently on sale is said to improve the broom’s overall acceleration and speed. However, it will also cost a hefty 1,000 gold too.

After successfully purchasing the upgrade Albie will then tell us of a new course over near Irondale. Miss Reyes has apparently been able to master it. Our job now is to go and test this new upgrade for him, using this new course.

So let us proceed to our next destination over in Irondale, which is far south of the map. Here we can find and speak with Imelda Reyes.

Imelda Reyes will challenge us in what she regards as another trial. This, of course, is a good chance to test out our new upgrade too.

This trial will have us flying around and collecting rings. There are 20 rings to find and fly through altogether. We will also need to beat the set time score of 2:26:22. Collect the rings and complete the course as fast as possible to complete this section of the trial.

After having successfully completed the course we can then report back to Albie Weekes to complete the side quest.



Look into a new broom enchantment with Albie Weekes in Spintwitches Sporting Needs

Purchase a broom enchantment from Albie Weekes

Speak with Imelda Reyes

Place in the Hogwarts South Broom Trial

Return to Albie Weekes


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