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Carted Away is one of the many optional side quests within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be collected over at the countryside and closest hamlet to Hogwarts, Lower Hogsfield.

This specific side quest sees the return of the goblin bully, Ranrok. This time they have caused trouble for a local merchant named Arn.

SIDE QUEST: Carted Away
LOCATION: Lower Hogsfield
GUIDE: Head to the Lower Hogsfield to find a goblin named Arn. Apparently he has just lost his business. He now no longer is capable of being a merchant and has nothing to sell.

We will then learn that a gang lead by Ranrok came and attacked Arn and stole all of his belongings, along with his merchant cart. They even managed to steal his precious paintings. After accepting the quest our next destination is over at the Goblin Camp.

Ranrok is not satisfied with just upsetting the banker over at Gringotts, he now attacks Arn and his business. Its time for a little payback.

Follow the quest marker and it will lead us to our next destination. Here we will be tasked with freeing the carts from the encampment.

The Goblin Camp will be full of Loyalist Rangers that are around the level 10 mark, so make sure you are ready for this one. Once the Loyalist Rangers have been dealt with the assassins and warriors will then arrive.

Once the enemy threat has been successfully eliminated we can then concentrate of freeing the carts. They are currently locked behind a gate, within the camp area.

Once the gate has been opened we can the report back to Arn. The carts will automatically follow.

REWARDS: Goblin-Made Helmet, 180 XP


A goblin outside Lower Hogsfield seems distraught over his missing cart. He doesn’t seem to be aligned with Ranrok’s Loyalists. Perhaps I should investigate

Talk to the goblin outside Lower Hogsfield

Go to the Goblin Camp

Free the carts from the encampment

Return to Arn


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