Hogwarts Legacy – How To Unlock ‘Eyed Chests’ (Mimics)

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By now you must have come across those strange ‘one-eyed’ chests or mimics on your adventures through Hogwarts. Whilst they may look like simply chests, they are obviously not. Not only do these have eyes but they can also see you approaching.

They are not too keen on letting you simply take from them and, when they do see you approaching, they will often lock themselves. Meaning we cannot gain access to these chests.

So how exactly can we unlock them? How can we approach them without them seeing us?

Well in order to be able to reap the rewards from one of these one-eyed mimic chests we will need to continue the main story for a bit. We need to reach the main story quest ‘Secrets Of The Restricted Section’. Upon completion we will be rewarded with the ‘Disillusionment Spell‘.

The ‘Disillusionment Spell‘ will cause you to blend into your surroundings, making it more difficult for others to perceive you. Perfect for sneaking or approaching such mimic chests undetected.

Once you have it learnt proceed to cast the spell on yourself and then you should be able to approach these chests without any issue.

The ‘Secrets Of The Restricted Section’ mission quest itself takes place in The Library Annex area. It will involve having to try and find a clue to the locket’s secret. It will have us in search of a book. It will also see us explore The Athenaeum.

The Athenaeum is a location that is part of the Antechamber. It also holds many secrets and new unlockables. Such as being able to encounter the Pensieve Sentinel, unlocking chests to find various interesting rewards and more!

The mimic chests mostly contain currency (Galleons) for you to then purchase goods and wares from the local merchants within Hogwart’s Hogsmeade.

The currency within Hogwarts Legacy features a mixture of Knuts, Sickles, and Galleons. These chests are located throughout Hogwarts, so be sure to keep an ‘eye’ open for them.


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