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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is The Injured Dog

The Injured Dog is an optional substory quest that sees Ryoma confronting a poor helpless and injured dog. Hence the name really. Ryoma then tries to help this dog overcome its current state.


CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – The Iron Code

QUEST GIVER: Injured Dog

REWARDS: 150 Virtue

LOCATION: Mukurogai (First Floor)


Head to the first floor of Mukurogai, west of Paradise, and you will find a dog on the floor. Inspect it (Injured Dog)

Ryoma will, rather quickly, conclude that this poor helpless pup is injured. He will also summarize that it is likely to be a stray. In order to help this poor pooch and to complete the substory we will need to give him some healing items. Anything will do. Healing items such as; Ointment, Vitality Pill, and All-Purpose Medicine. Any of those will be great to advance with this substory.

Ryoma will then try to heal the dog but it is still in need of attention. He will decide to leave it for now and come back and check on the dog later.

This concludes the substory and a new ‘Friendship Bond’ will commence.


I helped the dog with its wounds, but it’ll be some time before it’s fully recovered. I probably need to give it regular treatment.


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