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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is Palanquin Paladin

This specific substory sees the Kuramitsu family in desperate need for a bodyguard. Apparently a man named Hayakaze is trying to stalk their scion (a noble descendant). The family are worried for her safety and thus need helping escorting her away.

SUBSTORY QUEST: Palanquin Paladin
CHAPTER: Chapter 8 – The Mad Dog Howls
QUEST GIVER: Serious Old Man
REWARDS: Crimson Bead, 350 Virtue
LOCATION: Umekojicho (Rakugai)


Head to Umekojicho over in Rakugai, south of the Shady Bar. Here we will encounter a ‘Serious Old Man’ who seems to be on the search for a strong warrior. Up steps Ryoma.

The ‘Serious Old Man’ will then continue to explain that he is a servant of the noble Kuramitsu family. His name will then be changed to ‘Kuramitsu Family Servant’. He will then go on to mention that he seeks a bodyguard for the family as their scion has caught the unwanted attention of a particular individual. A man named Hayakaze, a samurai who has fallen in love with their scion, Sayoko. Apparently this Hayakaze is beginning to be persistant in harassing Sayoko, despite her trying to avoid him and turn him down. He seems relentless in not backing down.

So in order to try and finally escape Hayakaze’s wrath the family have decided to take Sayoko to a secret refuge. Our job is to help escort her and protect her in being a bodyguard. Unfortunately though, before they could even attempt to leave the stalking individual has already caught on to what is happening.

Escort the palanquin to its destination. During which samurai ronin and thugs will try to get close and attack this palanquin in order to get to Sayoko. If the health of this palanquin completely depletes then you will fail the substory and need to redo it all once again. The destination is located over at the Sannocho bridge.


Our main objective for this particular substory is to stop the incoming invaders from attacking the palanquin. Which is the carriage that the two gentlemen are carrying. It is a form of transport that was used during the Edo Japanese period.

Now a more simple method, though perhaps also a cheesy tactic. Is to switch over to the Gunman style. From there simply use firearms on the invaders.

This way we can eliminate them from a distance. Thus not straying too far from the palanquin. The game will warn us if we stray too far away.

Also, remember to keep an eye on your mini map too. As any incoming invaders will appear as red icons on the map. This way you can be ready for them.


For me this substory became available during Chapter 8: The Mad Dog Howls. When Ryoma is tasked with returning back to the barracks.

We can then find the Serious Old Man along the Umekojicho road. Which is part of the Rakugai region. Simply speak to him and the substory will begin.


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