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During chapter 7 of the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake we will find ourselves in the Treasury.

We will arrive at the Treasury room whilst exploring the castle and unlocking the gate using the Dungeon Key. This dungeon key is found after having successfully defeated the Garrador, which is the blind enemy that you encounter down in the dungeons. From there simply use the Dungeon Key and climb up the ladder and to the Treasury room. Here our puzzle awaits.

After having solved this particular puzzle we can then move on to the sword puzzle, which is also located within this room.


This puzzle has a gate with an emblem on it that feature various different animals. Here we have a snake, eagle, and a stag icon on it. Now if you look around the area we should also be able to see other objects that also have these animal icons.

Now as Ashley says we will need to shoot these objects as the animal icons are actually located on the various gongs and, otherwise, difficult to actually target. Here we can find the stag icon gong to the left of the gate. Whilst the other two gongs, the snake and eagle will be located beyond the locked gate. Use a long range weapon and target them all in order to unlock the gate.

(Note: When you have aimed at the correct gong and activated the correct animal icon, the animal you have just successfully targeted will then light up on the gate. To represent which ones we have done and completed. As well as which ones we have still left to search for. In truth they should be an easy find as the room is rather small. Target all three gongs and animals and the puzzle will be solved. Simple!)


The Treasury Room is a room that you will encounter during Chapter 7 of the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake. It is story related and thus unmissable.

It is also a room that is connected to the castle. Where you will first encounter the Ramon Salazar character. Within this room you will find two puzzles, with other puzzle relating to swords.

We must first solve this puzzle before we can move on to the second one. The room itself is quite small and has many framed pictures along the wall.

This then concludes our guide on how to solve the animal emblem gate puzzle that resides in the Treasury room. (Next Puzzle – Sword Puzzle)


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