Sword Puzzle (Treasury – Chapter 7) Resident Evil 4 Remake

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Another puzzle within the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake comes during chapter 7 and whilst exploring the Treasury room. Here we will come across various pictures or paintings that shows a knight of some kind with a sword.

By inspecting these pictures and paintings we will find out that each one has swords that we can collect. These swords are actually necessary to complete the puzzle. There is a total of four swords and one for each of the four pictures. Now whilst the first three swords are available to use immediately, the final sword is not. Thus we cannot actually solve this puzzle just yet.


The Treasury room is a location that resides within the castle. We will arrive at the castle after having escaped the village and rescued Ashley. This occurs at the midway point of the game and during chapter 7.

The room is rather small and features a total of two different puzzles. Both will need solving if we are to progress any further with the main story.

Now in order to even contemplating the thought of solving the sword puzzle we will first need to complete the animal emblem puzzle, which can be found on the nearby gate. Only after solving that one can we then concentrate on this next one.

The reason behind why we need to complete and solve the animal emblem puzzle first is because there is a sword beyond this gate. The only way to open this gate is to solve the emblem puzzle first. This will then allow us to collect our fourth and final sword, the Bloodied Sword. Which is required for the sword puzzle.


We should then have access to the Iron Sword, Golden Sword, Bloodied Sword, and Rusted Sword.

Now where exactly do these swords go? Which of these pictures needs which sword? Well, these pictures are meant to be telling a story. One of a knight who is ready to take up arms and fight a supposed war. Perhaps one for his home country? He seems to get knighted. Anyway by using these pictures we can then figure out the answer to this puzzle

Insert the four swords into their correct picture painting by using the story of the knight in order to complete and solve this puzzle

This then concludes the sword puzzle over in the Treasury room in the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake


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