Blasphemer’s Head (Small Cave Shrine – Door Puzzle) Resident Evil 4 Remake

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During chapter 4 of the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake we will eventually be tasked with ‘Investigate the two locations’. This occurs whilst inspecting the Mural Cave area.

This then brings us to the rather large lake and grants us with the ability to ride around on a boat. Yes, we get another boat since our last one got destroyed by the Del Lago. With this new boat we can explore the entire lake at our own leisure.

Now using this boat we are able to do a bit of exploration. We can revisit the Lakeside Settlement and even venture new and yet to be discovered areas and locations too.

One such location is over to the north east, to a small area known as the Small Cave Shrine. It is here where we will find our puzzle. The rewards for this puzzle is the Blasphemer’s Head and the Hexagon Piece C. The Blasphemer’s Head is required for the main story. It helps to unlock the church key, which currently resides back at the Mural Cave area. Alongside the Blasphemer’s Head we also need to acquire the Apostate’s Head from the Large Cave Shrine


Now in order to be able to solve this puzzle we will need to interact with a small panel that is located next to a locked gate. On this panel there are symbols. These exact same symbols can also be located around the area too. Search for the correct symbols and use the panel to solve the puzzle and reap your rewards.

These symbols or drawings are easy to locate as they are in bright yellow. Meaning all you need to do is find them and match them up to the panel at the door.


We will get the chance to explore the small cave shrine during Chapter 4 of the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake. It will be one of the many islands that we can explore using our newly acquired boat.

The location to the small cave shrine can be found up at the north eastern section of the map. Simply head in that direction and head through the cave tunnel to find the small cave shrine.

The small cave shrine is, as said, very small. In fact the only point of interest is to solve this very puzzle and collect the Blasphemer’s Head. Other than that there is nothing else here.

NOTE: The Blasphemer’s Head is required in order to collect the church key. It also needs the other head, the Apostate’s Head. With both of these heads we will then be able to collect the church key and continue with the main story. We can insert these heads back at the Mural Cave


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