Apostate’s Head (Large Cave Shrine – Door Puzzle) Resident Evil 4 Remake

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During chapter 4 of the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake we will eventually be tasked with ‘Investigate the two locations’. This occurs whilst inspecting the Mural Cave area.

This then brings us to the rather large lake and grants us with the ability to ride around on a boat. Yes, we get another boat since our last one got destroyed by the Del Lago. With this new boat we can explore the entire lake at our own leisure.

This lake is reasonably sized and it will also now allow is to do a bit of exploration. We can revisit the Lakeside Settlement, where we first encountered the character Luis Serra. Plus, we can also now venture to new and yet to be discovered areas and locations too.

In order to continue with the main story of the game we will need to search for cave shrines. These are a few of the new locations and are shrines that will then lead us to door puzzles.

The rewards for solving these door puzzles are the Apostate’s Head and the Blasphemer’s Head. We need these key items in order to move on with the main story and acquire the key to the church.


As mentioned before the cave shrines are the new locations that can be explored using our newly found boat. There are two in total and both of which feature their own door puzzles.

These shrines become our next objective after having confronted the large lake monster, Del Lago. It also comes just short of being half way through the game’s main story.

Where we are tasked with having to rescue Ashley who is located at the church. However, we currently cannot access the church as the doors are sealed shut. The only way to remedy this problem is to find both the Apostate’s Head and the Blasphemer’s Head. One of which is located at the Large Cave Shrine, whilst the other is over at the Small Cave Shrine

Ashley, of course, is the main companion within the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake. She serves as the President’s daughter and, for a lot of the game, the one in who, the main protagonist Leon, must rescue and protect.


Now in order to solve these door puzzles we need to visit both the Large Cave Shrine and the Small Cave Shrine. Each door puzzle will be fairly similar to each other in that they are both door puzzles and have the same method in order to solve it.

Once you reach these locked puzzle doors there will be a panel. On this panel there will be a series of strange symbols. Now the code is usually always made up of three symbols, despite their being more than three on the panel.

The answers to this panel and the code can be found in yellow marking or graffiti that are located within the area itself.

This then concludes our guide on how to solve the door puzzle within the Large Cave Shrine that rewards us with the Apostate’s Head.


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