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Missing Pieces is one of the many main story quests. It involves exploring the city of Kyovashad. Which is the first major city within Diablo IV (4). It features many of the necessary stores including the armory and blacksmith. So we can expect to be running around here for the foreseeable future.

Whilst exploring the city of Kyovashad, we can also come across our very first side quest. Raising Spirits. Not only that but the Missing Pieces story quest also marks the final chapter and the end to the game’s prologue. Paving the way to the bulk of the main game itself.

The quest is a rather simple one that requires us to do a bit of running around, completing errands and basically getting an idea of our new location and environment.

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QUEST NAME: Missing Pieces

LOCATION: Kyovashad

QUEST GIVER: Lorath Nahr




Find and speak with Lorath, who will be tending to his horse. West of the map. He will mention that he plans on heading to the Dry Steppes in search of the pale man from our vision.

However, before we he can leave he wants us to go and obtain something that belongs to him. Apparently the nearby merchant has it.

Before we meet up with this merchant we can also ask Lorath other questions too including questions relating to Lilith’s potential prophesied return. To which Lorath will mention that there was a prophecy. Despite both Lilith and Inarius being said to be the bringers of doom, Inarius tried to change this and make him look like the hero instead.

When you are ready make your way to the Renova Armor Vendor and speak with Ozren. Tell him Lorath sent you. We will then need to purchase Lorath’s Polearm. Which is what Lorath tasked us with getting for him. It will cost 20 coin to do so. I had around 7,000 coin at this point. So you should have more than enough coin to purchase it

With Lorath’s Polearm now purchased we will also be given a Strange Amulet, which also apparently belongs to Lorath. Bring both items back to Lorath in order to complete the quest.


Speak with Lorath
Speak with the Merchant
Purchase Lorath’s Polearm
Pick up the Strange Amulet
Return the items to Lorath


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