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Raising Spirits is a very basic side quest that is meant as more of a tutorial for players to get used to the in-game emotes. The emotes, of course, are generally used whilst playing multiplayer co-op. They are often portrayed as a sign of greeting or social interaction.

For this particular side quest it is used as a basic tutorial introduction for a very short and simple quest. That really doesn’t have much else going for it. It involves having to use the ‘cheer’ emote in order to raise the spirits of the militia

Raising Spirits is one of the very first optional side quests and it can be found during the prologue series of the main story quests. It is located within the area of Kyovashad and to the north of the map. The militia seem to have worked quite a bit lately and could do with some encouragement to keep them going. This is where we come in.


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QUEST NAME: Raising Spirits

LOCATION: Kyovashad


REWARDS: 440 XP, 240 Coin, Herb Cache


Speak with Guard Boza and ask ‘How fares the city guard?’. Who will then go on to mention how hard the militia recruits have been training. That they deserve some praise.

This quest is basically a small tutorial quest on how to use the emotes. These emotes are usually used during multiplayer co-op. However, in preparation for that there is also the quest to go alongside it.

Anyway the militia recruits are located to the north east of the village. Simply go up to them and select the ‘Cheer’ emote option.

Report back to Guard Boza to complete the quest. Simple.


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