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Prayers For Salvation is one of the many main story quests. It requires us to find the keys to a chapel and then, of course, inspect the chapel. This then leads to a cinematic scene involving Vani and her people.

This main story quest triggers after completing A Hero’s Return, which saw our hero return back to Vani after a rather exhausting trip through the skeleton and undead filled dungeon of the Icehowl Ruins and the Abandoned Halls. Plus feeling the wrath of the terrifying X’Fal.

After going through all of that our hero decides to return back to Vani in order to report their success. That the demons in that area have now all been successfully dealt with.

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QUEST NAME: Prayers For Salvation

LOCATION: Icehowl Taiga

QUEST GIVER: N/A (Collect the chapel key)

REWARDS: 430 XP, 200 Coin, Choker Of Penance


After collecting the ‘Chapel Key’ from the body of Vani we can then head to and unlock the chapel door.

The chapel is back in the Nevesk village, wihch is to the south east. Here we will find and come across Iosef. Who will be standing outside of the chapel. Feel free to speak with him. Here we can learn more about Iosef and what he was doing in Nevesk. Apparently it has something to do with priests and tithes. For those that are unaware tithes are basically a form of tax money used to suppoert churches.

Head inside the chapel and we will encounter a scene involving Lilith and Vani. Once the scene comes to an end be sure to speak with Iosef once again to complete the quest.


Loot the Chapel Key from Vani’s corpse
Unlock the chapel door
Inspect the blood petals
Speak with Iosef


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