A Hero’s Return (Main Story Quest) Diablo IV (4)

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A Hero’s Return is one of the many main story quests. It requires us to return to the village in order to celebrate the victory with our previous quest.

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QUEST NAME: A Hero’s Return

LOCATION: Nevesk / Icehowl Ruins


REWARDS: 430 XP, 200 Coin


This one is a simple quest that will instantly pop up as soon as we have successfully managed to defeat X’Fal over in the Icehowl Ruins.

To exit the Icehowl Ruins all you need to do is interact with the wooden tower or pillar and we will be taken back to the Icehowl Taiga.

Once at the Icehowl Taiga we can then make our way back to Nevesk in order to inform Vani of our success back at the ruins. This then triggers a scene.

Defeat the betraying party. The monk from earlier, the very same one that we found back at the barn that was talking about demons and fangs will now be helping us. Apparently he was drugged just like our hero. This monk is also known as Iosef.

Speak to him after clearing the enemy targets and he will mention a chapel, that a ritual may have been taking place. We can get the key to this chapel from the body of Vani (Chapel Key Obtained)


Return to Nevesk
Speak with Vani
Slay the crazed villagers
Speak with Iosef
Loot the Chapel Key from Vani’s corpse


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