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Darkness Within is one of the many main story quests. It takes place within the Icehowl Ruins. Which is filled with skeleton type creatures, and of course, X’Fal The Scarred Baron

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QUEST NAME: Darkness Within

LOCATION: Icehowl Ruins


REWARDS: 1,505 XP, 300 Coin


Head north of Nevesk village to a place known as Icehowl Ruins. Enter these ruins and they will take us to the Abandoned Halls.

Feel free to explore. In here you will encounter various kinds of skeleton based enemy foes in here such as the basic Skeleton, Skeleton Captain, and Skeleton Archers. Some of which have increased health, which basically acts as a barrier that you must deplete before you can actually start doing some major damage to them.

One type of target that you will want to watch out for are the Fallen Shaman. These can cast magical spells and place AOE damage. These can be easily avoided by keeping out of the markers that get placed on the ground.

The Fallen minions are not too bad. Though there are rather weak they do come in number and can easily swarm you, if you are not careful.

When you reach the depths of the ruins you will be forced to then fight a much larger and tougher foe known as X’Fal The Scarred Baron. This beast can pounce around the area, swinging his large mace around and all of which can cause a ton of damage. It is much easier to avoid as a melee by playing hit and run. Watch out for his Hellstormer minions. These are very much similar to the Fallen minions that we encountered earlier.

Defeat X’fal to complete the quest.


Enter Icehowl Ruins
Search the depths of Icehowl Ruins
Slay X’fal


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