Dusk On The Mountain (Main Story Quest) Diablo IV (4)

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Dusk On The Mountain is one of the many main story quests. It is also the first quest within the game itself. It sees our hero alone inside a cave, cold and the snow storm is ravaging outside.

Our first task during this quest is to find shelter in a nearby town.


QUEST NAME: Dusk On The Mountain

LOCATION: Icehowl Taiga


REWARDS: 800 XP, 80 Coin


After the opening cinematic scene we will find ourselves inside of a cave. It is freezing cold and the snow storm is savage. On top of all of that there are hungry and vicious Warg creatures hanging around too.

Do not try to attack these Warg there are too many of them and, for a Sorcerer class, we do not have the necessary skills to fight them just yet. So instead ignore them and head south east to a village known as Nevesk.

Nevesk is a rather small village that has its fair share of problems. However, for now it does supply us with safety and warmth.

Whilst in Nevesk head west to locate the source of these voices. Apparently it is coming from iside a small barn building. In here we will witness an injured Monk, who is mumbling about demons and fangs.
Also inside this barn is Oswen, who seems a bit rude and Vani.

Follow Vani and she will lead us to a small tavern. If you took damage earlier then be sure to speak with Stanis, who will heal us for free and replenish our healing supplies.


Find shelter in a nearby town
Find the source of the voices
Speak with Oswen
Follow Vani
Speak with Vani


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