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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is Hope Blossoms Again substory.

Hope Blossoms Again is an optional substory that comes off as rather depressing and saddening. It features an elderly couple with their dog. Chaos with an unhappy samurai joshi.

SUBSTORY QUEST: Hope Blossoms Again

CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – The Iron Code

QUEST GIVER: Old Woman and Old Man

REWARDS: Double Worship Talisman, 350 Virtue



Head to the shrine and here there will be a small hill that leads to the Shinsengumi HQ. Head up here to trigger a scene involving a dog. Go and investigate the problem.

Seems that a samurai is harassing an elderly couple and their dog. This will ultimately have a rather devastating repercussions. That mainly involves the dog, Kazukichi.

Finally Ryoma will step in. Defeat the joshi, Shirakawa. This will then activate the substory proper. Hope Blossoms Again.

Apparently their dog, Kazukichi, was named after their long lost son who loved blossom trees. So our goal now is to go and find one of these blossom trees. Only then can we give the dog a proper burial.

In order to find one of these blossom trees we need to make our way over to Haruka’s property in Another Life. Take the boat over in Fushimi. Ryoma will automatically locate the blossom tree. Inspect the tree.

Report your finding back to the elderly couple over in Mibu (I found one).


Edo – A major city in central Japan, later namd ”Tokyo”. It was already one of the largest metropolises in the world by the end of the Edo period.


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