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In Search Of Answers is one of the many main story quests. It involves having to go and find a hermit and the hermit’s cabin. This leads to encountering the hermit known as Lorath Nahr.

We will unlock this specific main story quest after having completed the Prayers For Salvation quest. Which saw us entering the chapel and obtaining the chapel key. Then witnessing more scenes and dialogue involving both the demon Lillith and Vani

After this scene and then speaking with Iosef we will then be tasked with finding the hermit Lorath. Perhaps he knows more about our visions and who Lillith actually is? Either way he sounds promising and could help us with our journey.

PREVIOUS QUEST: Prayers For SalvationNEXT QUEST: Rite Of Passage

QUEST NAME: In Search Of Answers



REWARDS: 440 XP, 240 Coin


Start our journey in finding the hermit Lorath by heading east through both the Icehowl Taiga and Boulder Ridge. We will then eventually come across a cave full of creepy spiders. Such as the Hatchling, Spider Host, and the basic Spider. Head through here and out of the cave on the other side.

Once on the other side we will find ourselves in the Eastern Pass. From there head west and the path will eventually take us to the hermit’s cabin. Search the cabin.

Inside the cabin we will want to interact with the bookshelf. It will reveal a secret room. In this room there will be a strange skull on the table. Interact with this said skull to continue the quest.

We will then meet a new companion named, Lorath Nahr.


Find the hermit’s cabin
Enter the cabin
Search the cabin
Examine the Strange Skull


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