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Rite Of Passage is one of the many main story quests. It involves having to make our way to the village of Kyovashad. Which is part of the Father’s Cross region. It is the first main village within the main story.

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QUEST NAME: Rite Of Passage

LOCATION: Windswept Cabin

QUEST GIVER: Lorath Nahr

REWARDS: 880 XP and 300 Coin


After meeting up with Lorath we now want to head to the village of Kyovashad, which is to the north east. Continue on and we will reach the area of Father’s Cross.

Here, at Father’s Cross, there will be a statue that you can interact with. There is not much to it but if we speak with Lorath we will get more information on it. Who will inform us that this statue represents the angel Inarius.

When you arrive at the Kyovashad Gatehouse the guard will deny us entry. Speak with Lorath to understand why we cannot enter. He will mention that those who wish to enter need to go through a cleansing ritual. The guard finally caves in and lets Lorath inside the village. However, we need to do the ritual before we can join him.

The guard will tell us to collect a piece of holy cedarwood from the shrine and inscribe it with the sin which troubles us. In order to collect this cedarwood we need to inspect the small stall (Holy Cedar Tablets) next to the fire here. Choose whichever sin, I don’t really think it matters right now. I personally went with ‘Greed’.

After burning your sin proceed and speak with the guard.


Accompany Lorath to Kyovashad
Slay the Fallen
Speak with Lorath
Burn your sin
Speak with the guard


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