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The Records section is another set of optional collectibles that are found within Project Zero / Fatal Frame: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse. These include both ‘Voices’ and ‘Summaries’ collectibles. For the most part though, the ‘Summaries’ only consist of quick brief catch up notes that relate to the previous chapter and are, thus, unlocked automatically as you continue the story. So for that very reason I am only going to be focusing on the ‘Voices’ collectibles.

The ‘Voices’ collectibles features many different categories that are full of collectibles for us to find. These categories include; Telephone, Spirit Radio, and Tapes. The former of which will usually ring in certain areas or after completing certain events. By answering the telephone we will then unlock the collectible. Which can be revisited any time through the ‘Records’ menu.

For the purpose of this specific guide I will be focusing on the locations of the telephones, spirit radios, and tapes that can be found during the Phase IV: Void chapter of Fatal Frame: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse

There is only the one collectible in this chapter phase

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VOICES COLLECTIBLE: Madoka Begging For Help
TYPE: Telephone
LOCATION: Entrance Hall – 1F
DESCRIPTION: A call from Madoka in a defeated tone of voice


This telephone call was triggered after having inspected Ayako’s room, which is the 207 Orchid Room. Once you have had a ghost encounter with Ayako and discovered the secret section of her bedroom. Return back to the 1F Entrance Hall and the telephone should then start to ring.

The telephone call itself will feature Madoka trying to lure the listener away from the building. Warning them that it is not safe here and that she regrets coming here herself.

This concludes all of the voice type collectibles, which include telephones and tapes for Phase IV – Void


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