Piano Puzzle (Dining Room – Phase IV Void) Fatal Frame: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse

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As you continue to progress through the chapter of Phase IV (4) – Void we will find ourselves picking up various notes and files that relate to music. Files such as; ‘Musical Therapy’ and the ‘Black Notebook’.

All of this relates to music and, so, it comes to no surprise that this particular chapter features a musical puzzle of sorts. One that requires us to use the piano.

Now, eventually, when we are tasked with ‘Play the song on the Dining Hall piano’. this is when we will come across our puzzle. For the most part it is actually easy to solve and it requires no actual piano skills to pull it off. So do not worry if you are no Beethoven.

In fact all you need to do is head to the piano, which of course, is located within the 1F Dining Hall. Then the game will automatically play the tune that we need to follow.


Once you have managed to find the piano interact with it to begin the puzzle. The game will then automatically play the required tune for us. All we need to do then if copy the exact same tune.

All of the necessary keys that we need to interact with are highlighted, so we do not need to search around for that one key that rules them all or, of course, plays a specific tune. Thus, making this particular puzzle so much easier and simpler.

All we are required to do is choose the correct button prompts from those highlighted. If you have been paying attention then this will be easy enough to solve.

This will then solve the piano puzzle that is located within the Dining Room in Phase IV – Void


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