Combination Lock Puzzle (3F Control Room – Phase IV: Void) Fatal Frame: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse

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When you are tasked with ‘Going to your former room’ we will find ourselves inside the 3F Control Room. We come here after activating the elevator lift, which can be done whilst in the Switchboard Room (B1F).

After riding the lift up to the 3F third floor we can find the 3F Control Room door to the left of this said lift. Whilst inside explore the nurse’s desk. In here we can also locate a specter spirit here too (Nurse Waiting)

Whilst inspecting the nurse’s desk we will find the combination lock on the wall. This will begin our 3F Control Room combination lock puzzle. Which will have several numbers and panels to choose from. These panels can turn the numbers. So we just have to find the correct code.


There is a total of four panels that we can interact with. Meaning that we need to find a code with at least four digits on it.

Now if you have been exploring and collecting the various files and documents you should have come across one that has our code written on it. Insert this code to solve the combination lock puzzle. The file that you are needing is the ‘On-Duty Nurse’s Memo’.

The ‘On-Duty Nurse’s Memo’ file can be found over in the ‘Switchboard Room – B1F’. So you may need to take the elevator lift back down once again in order to find it. It will be sitting on a desk, near the wall. Collect it and read it in order to find the code to the combination lock puzzle.

This will then solve the combination lock puzzle that is located within the 3F Control Room in Phase IV – Void of Fatal Frame: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse


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