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The Menestad Coffer is an optional Diablo IV 4 side quest that becomes available after having completed the Missing Pieces main story quest. The quest can then be found within Kyovashad

Menestad Coffers requires us to investigate the Menestad for a Monk named Bozan. Who was sent there and has yet to return.


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QUEST NAME: Menestad Coffers

LOCATION: Kyovashad



REWARDS: 480XP, 280 Coin



Speak with Kudomyla, who is standing west of the Kyovashad village. She will inform us of a monk named Bozan, who was sent to Menestad and has yet to return.

Then exit the village, to the west, this will bring us to Western Ways. The quest is just north of here. It will be marked in blue on the map.

Here we will encounter several of the Ice Clan Marauders. Anyway continue on and cross over the bridge. We will now be in The Crags of Ill Wind.

Near the wall will be our monk, Bozan. Speak to him. He will want us to deliver the Tithing Demands to Talgun, the Merchant Lord.

The Tithing Demands can then be found inside the chest next to Bozan. Check the map and you will find out that we now need to head south.

To get there we are going to have to climb down and jump over the various snowy cliffs and ledges that will litter our path. When we arrive we will find ourselves in the village of Menestad.

Speak with Talgun to complete the quest.

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