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The Cleansing Flame is an optional Diablo IV 4 side quest that becomes available after completing the A Cold Faith side quest, after which we will then find ourselves in the village of Margrave. Here we can find and speak with Priest Matvey.

Matvey will want us to light the old brazier, which was built by the Knights Penitent to ward off evil.


A Cold Faith (Side Quest)
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QUEST NAME: The Cleansing Flame

LOCATION: Margrave


QUEST GIVER: Priest Matvey

REWARDS: 1,544XP, 450 Coin



Make your way to Margrave, which is south of Kyovashad and find and speak with Priest Matvey. Ask him about the evil that surrounds the village. He will inform us about these braziers which were created to ward off the evil spirits. Our task will be to light the brazier.

We can find this brazier to the north east. Through Krol Forest and into Ashen Hollow. The brazier itself is rather large and very much noticeable. When you arrive everything may seem rather quiet. However, once you activate this brazier there will suddenly be waves of enemy spawns. Including; the Snowy Wood Wraith, Wood Wraith, Shivering Warg, and other such nasties.

As there is a range of different enemy foes be prepared for a mixture of both melee and ranged attacks. Including walls that will lock us into the current area and prevent us from moving around.

Eliminate the enemy threat and report back to Priest Matvey.

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