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In this section of TOTK Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom we explore the Wind Temple. We begin our search after climbing up the numerous floating islands and encountering Tulin for the first time over in Rito Village, we will then find ourselves at the Wind Temple. Which is actually the Stormwind Ark.

The Stormwind Ark is the reason behind the strange gusts and snow storms that the region of Rito Village have been facing recently. Now it is time to put an end to it.


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We are now at the Wind Temple and after the initial scene go ahead and inspect the portal. We will learn that the hatch is locked, so we need to find a way to unlock it. The voice from earlier will be back and will inform us about the locks and how to open the hatch.

The Locked Hatch

Start your search for the five locks by riding the wind gust up and to the north, here we will find two doors. Use the Ultrahand ability to unlock and open them. This will then take us to the Wing Temple B1. Be careful of the red lasers as we ride the shaft down.

Here we will find one of the locks. Use Tulin’s ‘Gust’ ability to activate it. Before we leave there is also a treasure chest down here (Soldier Blade)

Exit the shaft. If the doors are closed above and you cannot exit the same way you came in, the switch and use the Ascend ability. Return to the hatch on the floor.

Here we will find some icicles on the floor and a door to both the left and ride side of the stairs. There is also a small lever. However, we cannot activate this lever as there is no handle in which to do so. So glue the icicles together and make one.


Unlock both of the doors. There will be a treasure chest (Opal) inside one of them and another switch in the other. Remember to use Tulin’s ‘Gust’ ability. That is now two down.

Jump off the western side of the ship and glide on over to the next platform, to find a chest (Large Zonaite). Watch out for the cannons that are being fired. Then avoid those and head to the doorway on the left. The other one is currently locked. Back at the Wind Temple B1.

Here there will be more Keese Bats and another Construct. Along with a set of red beams too.


If you navigate your way through and past the red beams you will be rewarded with a treasure chest (Ruby). Ignore the dead end to the left and continue north to find a hole in the ground. The only way to get across this is by using the Ascend ability.

This will transport us to the ledge above, where we will have a higher vantage point and be able to glide the rest of the way. Interact with the lever here to open the door back to the outside. Ignore this for now though and turn around to find another Construct. Defeat it and use the Ascend ability.

Once at the top there will be some rubble on the right, it is actually covering a treasure chest. Use the Ultrahand ability to remove this rubble. Inside the chest is a Captain I Reaper

Video Shows How To Solve The Red Beams PLUS Pillar Puzzle

Continuing on we will come across another locked door. With a ladder next to it and a pillar hanging from the ceiling. Attach some of the rubble to this said pillar, there is plenty just laying around the area. Then use Tulin to begin spinning and turning the pillar.

This will then open the gate, for a brief period. Make sure to get up and out of the room before the gate closes once again. Up the next set of ladders will be our next switch. Use Tulin, once again. We will also come across a rather large block of ice, destroy it to find the Soldier II Spear


Once you are back outside proceed and jump off the eastern side of the ship and locate an iced ledge. Destroy the icicles and head inside, there will be a few Keese Bats in here and a Construct further in. There is also a rotating spiked platform that we can use.

First though there is a chest behind the gate. Now there is no way to actually open it. So in order to get it we need to attach several icicles together. Almost like a rope and attach it through the gate. Inside is a Sapphire.

Video Shows How To Get The Sapphire Treasure Chest

Turn your attention back to the rotating platform or gear and use the Recall ability to turn it around so that you can ride it over to the other side.

Rotating Spiked Flatform


Once on the other side look up to find some icicles on the ceiling. Use the bow so that they then drop and attach it to the lever on the ground here. This will allow us to go back outside, but ignore it for now.

Also in this room there are several gears on the wall by another locked gate. Grab one of the icicles and attach it to the gears, where one of them seems to be missing. This will then unlock the door and allow us to activate the next switch. One more left.

Video Shows The Gear Puzzle

Head back outside once again, we can either do this by heading out of the open door that we unlocked or by using Ascend. Once we are back on the top of the ship.

Our fifth and final lock or switch can be found on the eastern side. Close to the bottom section of the ship. Look for some lights and an Enemy Construct.

To exit you can jump over to the opposite ledge and follow the ladders out and to the hatch. Time for a boss fight!


Colgera is technically our first main story boss and it is quite a big one. We will be spending most of this fight flying around the area. The boss itself has three main weak points. One near its neck, one on its main body, and a final one on its tail.

The Colgera

These three weak spots are actually covered with ice patches, which we will need to break in order to reveal the actual weakness behind it.

Do not bother fusing anything such as Fire Fruits or Bombs as its just a waste of material, it does not deal extra damage in any way.

Weak Point Reveal

When a weak point is indeed revealed then this means the Colgera is preparing to throw projectiles, be ready for them as you glide towards the ice patch and cause damage to it.

The Zelda TOTK Wind Temple quest will be complete once the boss has been dealt with. We will be rewarded with a Heart Container and the Vow of Tulin, Sage of Wind.

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