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Our next chapter in Zelda TOTK we encounter the Mayaumekis Shrine for the first time during the Tulin of Rito Village main story quest. Where we will encounter Tulin and explore the Hebra Mountains.

The shrine itself features many ships that you can use to bounce around, almost like a ship-themed trampoline. Our rewards for completing this one, of course, is another Light of Blessing.


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The Mayaumekis Shrine is located at the Rising Island Chain, which is connected to the Tulin of Rito Village story quest. Here we will encounter several floating islands. As well as being able to activate the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower

We will need to use this tower in order to reach the floating islands, where the shrine resides and is located. Activate the tower and it will catapult Link into the sky. From there focus your attention on reaching the shrine, which should be noticeable in the distance.


This particular shrine relates to ‘Downward Force’, mostly because of the equipment or objects that we will need to use in order to progress through the puzzle.

As we enter the shrine we will be met with a rather empty room. There is no equipment here that we can freely use and there seems to be a locked gate, that prevents us from going any further.

In order to pass through this gate we are going to have to equip the bow. Aim towards the gate, you should be able to locate an orange light. This is actually a switch. By hitting it the switch will be activated and, should then open the gate for us.

Activating the switch

Make your way up the stairs, keeping a note of the ship here. This ship will not be the only one that we will come across. What is also really great about these ships, is that we can use them as a sort of trampoline.

Once at the top go ahead and defeat the enemy construct. Then begin to jump on the ship here. Proceed and land on the top platform here. We will now be in another area full of ‘trampoline boats or ships’.

Here we will find one of these ships moving around the room. We want to make our way over to it, using the glider. There will be more of these ships to the right of the room. Use the moving one to make your way over to these next ones.

Use the nearest ship to jump and locate a ledge in the distance, next to the wall. Sitting on top of it is a treasure box (Arrow x10). After collecting the chest we then want to return back to the ship that we just glided from. We can reach it by hopping back onto the moving ship once again.

Treasure Ahoy!

Once we reach it you will notice a room above. You likely noticed it before too. However, now we need to get inside of it. It is currently locked shut. The only way to unlock it is by jumping on the ship and look inside of this room for yet another switch.

Head inside the room using the ship underneath it. This will then bring us to the end of the TOTK Zelda and Mayaumekis shrine.

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