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The Gatakis Shrine is a ‘wind based’ puzzle that can be found and completed in Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom. It is located at Rito Village. Which is a location that we will arrive in during the main story.

Rito Village itself is west of the map, in the snowy mountains. So you should prepare yourself for the ‘cold snap’, by bringing plenty of warm clothing and meals. One good choice of meal is the Spicy Sauteed Peppers


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The Gatakis Shrine is situated within Rito Village. A snowy mountain side, west of the map. We will get the opportunity to explore the map and find the village after the ‘Camera Work in the Depths‘ main story objective. Here we will be tasked with locating the ‘Regional Phenomena’ which will feature various different locations for us to choose from. One of which is Rito Village.

As mentioned before the village is located in the snowy regions of the Hyrule map. Meaning you will need to bring something to keep warm and fight the cold and harsh elements. This can either include clothing or meals, such as the Spicy Sauteed Peppers. Which is quite easy to find materials for and does the job!


Once you arrive at the Gatakis Shrine you will quickly notice that it is ‘wind themed’ and is titled as much with ‘Ride the Winds’. What is also interesting with this specific shrine is that there are no materials or equipment available to us. No torches, air balloons, Zonai Fans or anything. This all becomes quickly apparent, even as early as the first room.

After entering the shrine you will notice that the room does, in fact, look rather empty. Large but still empty. There is also a small ledge that overlooks another path below. Along with a darkened abyss, further below that. What is also interesting is that there seems to be a small gust coming from the opposite platform and seeming to path over to the right side of the area, behind a wall.

Gliding Past The Beams

Where this gust of wind comes from and where it is sources if anyone’s guess right now. A wall perhaps? There is not much to go on right now. So here we are on a ledge with a huge dark abyss that seems to separate this ledge from the platform across from here. So, with in mind, our task is to find a way across. As previously mentioned there are no materials for us to use. Not ones that are being supplied to us like the previous shrines anyway.

So whatever we need to get across must be on our personal already. What can help us jump large gaps safely? Something that we must have already acquired earlier on. The answer is the glider! Use the glider to jump off the ledge and onto the other available platform. We can do this by running and jumping off the ledge and pressing and holding the ‘X’ button on the Nintendo Switch controller.

Once on the other side we will notice what the wall was hiding and where this wind gust was pushing towards. It seemed to have been pushing towards a corridor that features several blue beams. Warning, these blue beams, as perhaps expected, can indeed cause damage so we want to try and avoid them as much as possible.

Now with the wind gust being pushed towards this direction, it will help guide us along. So once again equip the glider and make your way past the narrow beams and onto the next platform. This is basically what the Gatakis Shrine has to offer. A lot of wind gusts and us taking advantage of the glider to help navigate through the various challenges.

Gliding Towards The Treasure!

Now here there will be an indentation in the path in front of us. Just below it there is a spinning or rotating fan with half of its blade missing. This is where our opportunity comes in. We can take advantage of this missing blade in order to fall and descend into the next area. Smash through the circle window pane.

This next area will feature a total of four rotating fans, all of which are providing wind energy and gusts. These gusts can actually push us off direction and back up into the area above, which will make navigating around a little bit more trickier.

As if that was not enough there are also several different platforms in this very room too. All of which feature an enemy target that cannot wait to ‘detach our Link’. There is also a bonus treasure chest waiting for us on one of these aforenamed platforms too.

In order to be able to claim this treasure chest we will need to be careful about navigating around the area. Use the glider along with the numerous wind gusts to remain in a height advantage but when you want to lower once again and descend, simply stop holding the required ‘X’ button. This is the key to both raising and lowering ourselves and thus successfully navigating the area. Just be careful not to release the glider too early so that Link becomes ‘severed’ by free falling from too greater height.

Once you have successfully reached the treasure chest you will find a Strong Construct Bow inside. Collect any other remaining loot in the area. The enemy targets can drop other bows too, including the ‘Old Wooden Bow’ alongside the occasional arrow or two.

Once you are ready locate the white barriers and navigate to the other side of them and up and out of the area. Where we can then collect our ‘Light of Blessing’ and successfully complete the Gatakis Shrine.

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