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The Sinakawak Shrine is themed at ‘Uplifting Devices’, basically it features many air balloons and fire torches. Which makes sense as the shrine itself can be found and located just outside of the New Serenne Stable. Which, itself, is actually a horse themed hot air balloon.


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Video Shows The Sinakawak Shrine


The Sinakawak Shrine is located to the west of the Hyrule map. If you continue west from the Lookout Landing you will eventually reach the Carok Bridge. Here we will confront a large cyclops enemy. Now I would not recommend fighting this monstrous beast until much later in the game. It can be tough if you are unprepared.

Sinakawak Shrine

Anyway after crossing the Carok Bridge you will eventually reach the New Serenne Stables. Which is a horse themed hot air balloon establishment. It acts as both a hotel inn and a place where we can register and ride horses. Though we will need to have successfully managed to capture a horse first. We can learn how to capture horses through the nearby Horse-Drawn Dreams side quest

From there just head north from the stables and we will come across our Sinakawak Shrine


Our first room features a large staircase and at the top of that is our first challenge and puzzle. This puzzle features various small air balloons. None of which seem to be connected to anything. Though, one of which does seem to be hovering above a small fire torch. Giving it only a slight ‘uplift’. Which of course, the structure above it presents it from going any further. There are more air balloons to the left and a few wooden pallets.

An Uplifting Experiment!

In truth not all of these wooden pallets and air balloons are necessary. However, it if up to you how you want to construct the platforms and such. However, only one of the wooden pallets should be enough, along with one or two balloons.


Anyway start by constructing a wooden pallet and sticking the air balloons to it. Followed then by the numerous fire torches. As the room has already hinted, the fire is what will give the balloons an ‘uplift’. However, be careful because if the fire touches the wooden pallets, they will then burn.

If you somehow manage to run out of materials then you can exit the shrine and re-enter once again. Everything should reset and all of the missing or damaged materials will respawn once again.

Anyway after constructing a wooden platform with the pallets, balloons and torches we will then want to ride the platform up. Towards the ledge above.

Once at the top just jump and use the glider to reach the next platform. The glider can be executed after having jumped and by holding the ‘X’ button on the Switch controller.


Okay here we will now be at our next puzzle. This one, again, features air balloons. Along with fire torches. However, what we also have is a closed gate and just above that is a yellow coloured switch. There are also walkways above us but there is nothing up there, no treasure chests or anything. So just ignore it.

What Does This Switch Do?

Anyway we need to align one of these air balloons so that it will ‘uplift’ and hit the switch. We will only need the single balloon to perform this task and only the single fire torch. None of it requires much effort. By hitting the switch, the gate will then automatically open.


This third area is actually our last area and it will begin with us on top of a series of walkways. Now if you explore these walkways and, more specifically, make your way towards the other side of the room. Just below us will be two indentations in the floor. Both of which seem to represent something round. They also appear to be of two different sizes.

Now what these two indentations mean is that we will need to find something that can be fitted into them. So in order to find our objects to do just that, we will need to descend to the floor below. There is a set of ladders nearby.

Down here there will be two round balls. One rather small one and a much larger ball can be found around the corner. Also in this room are several air balloons, torches, and a single wooden pallet.


The much larger ball is a little bit more trickier to solve than the smaller one. It is also optional too. As it is not necessary in order to complete the current objective. However, if we do solve both of the indentations up above we can unlock a new treasure chest.

Anyway, we can start by rolling the much larger ball out from around the corner. From there take the single wooden pallet and attach it to the top of the large ball. As the ball has a lot of weight to it, the pallet will likely slant. Making it a little bit more complex to build and construct the rest of it.

Ball Constructing

However, collect and gather around two or three fire torches and attach them to the wooden pallet, being careful not to light the wooden platform by accident. Then gather around the same amount of air balloons. This should be enough to send the large ball high into the air. Wave goodbye.

Okay that is one down. Again it is optional so if you find yourself struggling then just move on. The important one to get solve is the much easier, smaller ball. Which only needs a mere single torch and balloon. So much more simpler and easier.

Okay now head back up the ladders and by using the Ultrahand ability, once again, place each of the two balls into their respectful indentations. Remember to unattach everything in the process.

By placing the large ball into the correct indentation we will be rewarded with a treasure chest that contains an Opal. Whilst the smaller version will open the path to the next area. Where we can collect a Light of Blessing.

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