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Horse-Drawn Dreams is an optional side quest that can be found over at the New Serenne Stable. Which is a location that the main story will take us to during the Impa and the Geoglyphs quest objective.

The New Serenne Stable is a hotel and inn establishment that also acts as a stable for horses. It is easily distinguishable by its horse themed hot air balloon.

The Horse-Drawn Dreams side quest itself will teach us how to find and tame a horse as a mount. It also sees us having to fix a damaged wagon.


Sinakawak Shrine
Video Shows The Entire Horse-Drawn Dreams Side Quest


As the entrance to the New Serenne Stables there will an NPC character standing next to a wagon. Speaking with her we will find out that her name is Zumi.

Zumi wants to repair her damaged wagon. In order to be able to do that we need to collect various different materials and connect new wheels. She also wants a horse so that it can then pull this wagon, once fixed.



In order to find and tame a horse we must simply search around the area. Many horses can be found out in the wilderness near the New Serenne Stable. Which is really handy!

Though, they are also shy and timid creatures so approach them too fast and you risk spooking them away. So, instead, we must remain calm and approach using caution. We can do this by simply crouching.

Once you are close enough to an unsuspecting horse we can then ride it, using the ‘A’ button on the controller. Link will then proceed to mount it.

Sneaking Up On The Unsuspecting Animals

Whilst we are mounted we have several new options available to use, including the option to reset the camera. Though this is not mandatory and is only needed when necessary. More importantly we also have the ability to slow the horse down, soothe it, and even begin a canter.

Now during this segment the horse, at first, will not be able to trust us. Which makes sense since we just caught it off guard. An example of this will come as the animal tries to move around with a great deal of agitation. When this happens you need to use the ‘Soothe’ option, using the ‘L’ button the controller.

Anyway ride the horse back to Zumi.

Riding Back To The Stables


This specific task is an easy one as all we need to do in order to be able to complete it is to find a pair of wheels. Two wheels, one for the front and the other for the back of the wagon.

There are several wheels found scattered all around the stable. It does not matter which pair of wheels you opt to go with. There are some located next to Zumi and even more around the back of the establishment. Here we can also find and collect a bunch of Flint. Anyway use the Ultrahand to move and fix the wheels onto the wagon.

Fixing The Wagon

Zumi will then mention that she needs a harness. That without one the horse cannot pull the wagon around. The only way to get one is by earning enough Pony Points. Do not worry as we wont be required to do any of that. Instead Zumi will earn her own harness.

This then completes the side quest and as a reward we will be given a Silver Rupee (+100 Rupees)

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