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Camera Work in the Depths sees us speaking with Robbie and Josha regarding a statue. One of which they think resides over in the Hyrule Field Chasm. During this segment of the game we can also locate the Miner’s Top armor. Which can help us navigate through the darkness.

Warning though, you should prepare first. We can do this by making sure to bring quite a few Brightbloom Seeds and arrows.

Before you set out on this adventure, make sure to speak with Robbie and Josha below the observatory in Lookout Landing. They are eager to investigate the new chasm south of Lookout Landing and take a picture of the enigmatic statue. Josha will provide you with several Brightbloom Seeds to illuminate your path and arrows to fuse them to. (This will also add both Robbie and Josha to the Character Profiles menu)


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Meeting Robbie


The Depths are shrouded in darkness, and visibility is limited. Ensure that you have adequate light sources, such as Brightbloom Seeds, a Torch, or the Miner’s Top Armor, which you can find later in the quest. Additionally, stock up on healing items, as the gloom in the Depths can sap your health and prevent you from recovering maximum health. You will also need to make sure you have access to the paraglider.

The Hyrule Field Chasm

Locating the Hyrule Field Chasm

The Hyrule Field Chasm can be found due south of Lookout Landing. You can easily spot it from the air when using the Skyview Tower or by looking for the red gloom on the horizon. As you approach the chasm, you will notice a Zonai Survey Team camp and the Jiosin Shrine nearby. Interact with the shrine to gain a new fast travel point and consider completing the Light of Blessing challenge.

(Note: Just outside of the Hyrule Field Chasm there is a character named Bahni, who will mention the gloom. Which is the red looking substance. Very important to be aware of this because if you touch it then your health will slowly drain. As previously mentioned. So again, another warning)


Once you are ready to venture into the Depths, jump into the chasm and free-fall by tapping R. As you descend, look for a flickering flame on the ground below and activate your paraglider before hitting the ground. Upon landing, you will find yourself in a massive, dark landscape filled with dangerous obstacles and enemies.

Navigating the Depths

Whilst in the Depths we can also speak with Ponnick, a man who seems to be looking for Robbie. This is basically our hint to let us know that this particular area is dark. So we will need to use both Lightroots and Brightbloom Seeds.

The Nisoij Lightroot

An alternative method of being able to light up dark areas is to find a Lightroot. These particular roots are rather big and whilst speaking with Ponnick, we will get a quick glimpse of one. Interact with one of these Lightroots in order to both brighten the surrounding area and unlock a new fast travel too. Our nearest one is known as the Nisoji Lightroot.

If we inspect the campfire here, next to the Nisoji Lightroot, we can find a ‘Note on the Table’. It has been written by Robbie. It basically tells us what we already know about both the Lightroots and Brightbloom Seeds.

Statue With ‘Traveler’s Sword’

North west of the Nisoij Lightroot there will be a stone pillar with a statue on top of it. This statue will be carrying a ‘Traveler’s Sword’. Once collected it will then disappear.

Continuing west of the Lightroom now and we will come across a tribe of Bokoblin, which will include a rather tall Moblin creature. These said creatures will pick up a .random Bokoblin and use them as projectiles. However, upon defeat they can drop anything from Moblin Fangs and Moblin Horns. Whilst we are here we can also farm for some Zonaite.

Sticking to the west of the Nisoij Lightroot and we will eventually reach our next Lightroot, the Iaysus Lightroot.

Head north of the Iayusus Lightroot to find a Bokoblin camp, complete with Moblins. Also at this camp there is a treasure chest containing a ‘Giant Brightbloom Seed x5’.

Continue heading north west of the Iayusus Lightroot and we will arrive at the Giant’s Grove. Here we will confront a series of large trees. Though they may seem immune to melee attacks, they can easily be defeated by using Bomb Flowers. Upon defeat they can drop Sturdy Thick Sticks and Zonaite

Using A Fire Fruit On A Large Tree

Another great alternative method in defeating these Large Trees is to use a Fire Fruit on them. Once hit by one of these fruits they then receive burn damage. Which can slowly deplete their overall health. In this area we can also locate a treasure chest containing a ‘Large Crystallized Charge’

North east of the Giant’s Grove we can find the Gustaf Canyon Mine. Where a chest containing yet another ‘Large Crystallized Charge’ can be found.

From the Gustaf Canyon Mine, continue heading in a north eastern direction to find another large Lightroot, the Gadohsi Lightroot. There is also another Bokoblin camp nearby that contains a ‘Sundelion’ chest. We can also destroy the box crates here too, for more arrows.

Sinonoyk Lightroot

In the far north of the Nisoij Lightroot we can find our fourth Lightroot, Sinonoyk Lightroot. Activate it to brighten up the surrounding area. Our fifth one is to the east of the Sinonoyk. Oyimay.


In order to complete the main story objective ‘Camera Work in the Depths’, we need to first reach the Iayusus Lightroot, interact with it and illuminate the area, this will reveal Robbie nearby. At the small campfire. Speak with Robbie to learn about the Purah Pad’s camera feature, which allows you to take photos, enter items into your Hyrule Compendium, and complete quests.

Taking a Photograph of the Statue

With your camera activated, step back and take a clear shot of the mysterious statue. Ensure that an exclamation point appears over the statue (Statue with raised arm) to denote it as a quest objective. Show the photo to Robbie, who will then wrap up his investigation and return to the surface.

Photograph Of Statue

Acquiring the Miner’s Top Armor

The Miner’s Top is actually an optional piece of armor that we can collect. It is not part of the ‘Camera Work in the Depths’ story objective. It will however, provide help in navigating the darkness. In order to find the Miner’s Top we will first need to find Daphne’s Canyon Mine. We can do this once we have managed to find Robbie and unlocked the Iayusus Lightroot.

From there simply head north towards a small hill leading downward. There is quite a bit of gloom here so watch out. Remember to use the Brightbloom Seeds to lighten the darkened areas.

Follow the path down and into Daphne’s Canyon Mine.

Video Shows The Location To The Miner’s Top Armor

As we continue to descend we will eventually arrive at a structure or a ruin. Here there will be a set of stairs. Follow these stairs up. Once at the top look for another wall with a ledge just above. The treasure chest containing the Miner’s Top armor will be up there.

Returning to Lookout Landing

In order to be able to continue and complete the ‘Camera Work in the Depths’ story objective, after having found and spoken to Robbie, we will need to head back to the Lookout Landing. Where both Josha and Robbie will be waiting for us. We will now receive 5 Zonaite as a reward.

This will then complete the ‘Camera Work in the Depths’ story objective.


The Miner’s Top armor has a defence rating of 5. However, it can also Glow. Meaning that, whilst wearing, the Miner’s Top we will have a constant light. Which can help us whilst navigating through darkened areas.

Unfortunately this ‘glow light’ has a very small radius, but when you find yourself in a bit of a pinch, it can help out in times of need.

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