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In this section of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TOTK) we will be heading for Rito Village. Which is a bustling community of anthropomorphic bird-like creatures known as the Rito. The village is teeming with life, and many engaging quests and activities await players who are eager to explore. Notable locations within Rito Village include the central plaza, various shops and homes, and the imposing Rito Tower.


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In order to be able to reach Rito Village we will first need to make our way west of the Lookout Landing. Towards the Quarry Ruins and Carok Bridge. As we continue to follow the path we will also come across our next shrine, Ishodah Shrine.

Continue on and ignore the giant cyclops creature on the bridge. At this point of the game, it is likely to pose too much of a challenge right now. Anyway continue on and we should arrive at New Serrenne Stable. Here we can decide to begin the Impa and the Geoglyphs quest objective. Next to the stables is another shrine, Sinakawak Shrine.

The Skyview Tower (Lindor’s Brow)

Continuing north west of New Serenne Stable and we will come across our next Skyview Tower. It is surrounded by water, so the only way we are going to get across to it is by constructing a small bridge. We can use the nearby materials in order to do so. The tower is actually known as the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. Activate it in order to get a new teleport location and to discover more of the map.

From there return back to the stables and head south, towards Breach of Demise and West Hyrule Plains. Continue on towards Mount Rhoam and past the mushroom-like trees. Here we will find another shrine (Makurukis Shrine)

Head towards Piper Ridge, in doing so we will come across another horse inn establishment. Tabantha Bridge Stable. Keep following the rocky mountains and we will eventually arrive at Kolami Bridge.

Crossing Kolami Bridge

Eventually the path will start to descend and we will reach a new snowy area, so be prepared to face the cold elements. Bring some food such as the Spicy Sauteed Peppers or some warmer clothing.

Descend the path, once ready, and we will arrive at the Lucky Clover Gazette. Head inside and we can collect an optional side quest, Potential Princess Sightings.

Head west of the map, towards a damaged bridge. Speak with the NPC, Juannelle. She will mention Hylian pine cones. Use them and throw them onto the fire and then use the glider to get across to the other side of the bridge. We can find the pine cones next to the nearby trees. Just remember to gain height before gliding towards the other side.

We will now be at Rito Village. Whilst at the village we can also locate the Gatakis Shrine. In order to continue with the story we need to seek out Tulin.

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