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Ishodah Shrine is mainly a wind related challenge that features playing around and using the various Zonai Devices, or fans, to our advantage in order to progress and complete this particular trail.

The shrine itself is located west of the map, between both the Carok Bridge and Quarry Ruins. Where it is situated on top of a hill. Just follow the path west of the Lookout Landing and once you reach the ruins you will find the shrine.


Sinakawak Shrine
Video Shows The Ishohad Shrine


Enter the shrine and we can begin our trail and challenges that the Ishodah Shrine has to offer. The first room will see us coming across a rather tall ledge, one that Link will not be able to climb up by himself. Also in this room there is a Zonai Device, which is basically a fan.

We have come across these fans before back in with The Great Sky Island map. Before we found ourselves in Hyrule. Basically we can move them around using the Ultrahand ability. We can also switch them off and on by simply hitting them with a melee weapon or an arrow. For the most part this is what the Ishodah Shrine mainly consists of. Hence ‘A Windy Device’ its all about taking advantage of the Zonai Fan Devices.


So with that in mind what we want to do is take advantage of the Zonai Fan, since there is nothing else here to help us. By placing this fan next to the ledge. Facing up towards the ceiling. We can then jump on top of it. Whilst jumping we should then activate the glide ability. Which we can do by both jumping and using the ‘X’ button on the Switch controller. Glide on over to the next area.

Locating A Zonai Fan

This next area should be quite straightforward too. Here we have a small section of water that appears to be flowing towards us. Meaning that we cannot swim it without a struggle. So forget that option right now. We do however, have the option of using another Zonai Fan. Also here is a small wooden platform.

So we have our materials, so lets attach them! By attaching the Zonai Fan to the wooden platform, we can then use the ‘wind power’ of the fan to push us over to the next area. We did something similar to this back at the Pondside Cave


In this next section we will have two of the Zonai Fans this time. Along with a small elevator lift that is positioned between them both. To the right of this area there are two stone pillars. One of which has a slab connected to it. One that can move around, hmm..

Creating A Path To Bonus Treasure!

Well the next choice is up to you. We can either try to claim a bonus treasure chest or ignore it and move onto activating the lift instead. The chest is optional and requires extra work.


However, if you want to try and grab it then we will need to use one of the available fans. Place this fan onto the back of this white slab, so that it is facing the wall. By then activating it we will have created a new path for ourselves.

In order to get up there and to our newly created path, we will now need to switch over to the second of our Zonai Devices. Like before use it and glide on up to the top of the stone pillar. Inside the treasure chest is an Opal

Okay now to try and complete the remainder of the shrine. Head back down once again and place both of the fans underneath the lift. So that they are both facing upwards towards the ceiling and the lift itself. By then activating the two fans, we can quickly jump into the, now moving, platform and exit the area.

Once at the top we can then go and collect our Light of Blessing

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