Crossing The Zonai River (Pondside Cave)

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The Zonai River is a location within Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom. It is both part of the Pondside Cave and comes after exploring the In-isa Shrine. Here we will encounter the ‘Fans’ for the first time. Which are part of the Zonai technology.

However, in order to progress on with the main story we need to find a way across this river. Hm..


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After exploring the In-isa Shrine we will then find ourselves at the Pondside Caves. These will then lead us to the Zonai river. A river with a harsh waterfall and a barrier that seems to be conveniently placed. Is there a reason for this?

Alongside all of that we will also encounter the Maker Construct, who will mention a Zonai device. Which is basically the nearby green fan. Once placed in your inventory they are even named as, Fans.

Unfortunately we cannot have the Zonai device that the Maker Construct is currently inspecting. However, they will inform us about there being more nearby. These ones we can use.

In order to activate the device we simply need to hit it with one of Link’s weapons. Preferably the bow as you will risk breaking any other nearby objects, including platforms and rafts, if you opt to use the sword instead.

Once activated the device will, which makes sense, start to blast out wind energy. Again, seeing as its technically a fan, this makes sense. It is also going to be useful to us in just a minute.


Now that we now how to use one of these Zonai devices lets now put them to use. Remember to also take advantage of the Ultrahand ability.

Our current objective is to create and construct something that can aid us with getting across the river. There are plenty of large wooden logs around. Perhaps they can form a platform raft for us?

Whatever you decide to make do not forget about the fans and from there enjoy a quick whisk across the water. It is here when you will find out why the barrier next to the waterfall has been put in place.

Our next destination is the Mining Caves, where we will be constructing and activating the various minecarts and how to light up darkened cave areas.


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