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How to reach the Gutanbac Shrine in Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom. Which is the third shrine that is related to The Closed Door story objective. It follows on from the second shrine, In-isa Shrine

This one is a little bit more trickier to reach as it requires Link having to traverse through the cold snowy mountains. The problem with that is the cold will begin to deplete his overall health, which may result in a Game Over screen. However, there is a solution and it requires a cold resistance of some kind. There are many variations.


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The Gutanbac Shrine is the third shrine that is connected to The Closed Door story objective. It is also the one that hides within the vast cold and snowy mountains.

These snowy mountains will actually act as a tutorial for us to get to know more about the game mechanics and how to build resistance to certain elements. In this case the cold.

If you do not prepare yourself properly and just waltz into the snowy mountains then you will quickly discover that poor Link is not happy, in fact he is freezing. This will also take an immediate effect on his health too.

So to avoid a potential Game Over screen make sure to prepare by using an ice resistance.


The actual location of the Gutanbac Shrine is to the south east of the map. So begin making your way over there. Into the ice and snow.

Now as this is technically the mountain region there will, of course, be tons of mountains around. Also, despite looking like we can climb them we actually cannot. Not all of them anyway.

Due to the ice many of these mountains are simply to slippery to venture up. In fact by just trying poor Link will quickly loose his grip. So, for now, ignore them.


As we continue on we will come across a cave. Inside of this cave we will confront a new enemy fiend. A fiend known as the ‘Like Like’.

The ‘Like Like’ appear as giant worms that are attached to the wall. Though they may be attached they can still move, at least with their head anyway. As it tries to gobble you up for breakfast or lunch, depending on the time of day. So we can either choose to ignore them as they cannot chase after us or, alternatively, we can use a ‘Bomb Flower’.

A ‘Bomb Flower’ has the ability to detonate and explode upon impact. So in order to defeat a Like Like we can use one of these bombs and plant it next to the large worm and wait for it to munch on it. The explosive will then detonate inside of it. Causing it to collapse and leaving us with an opportunity to attack. When a ‘Like Like’ is defeated it will then drop a ‘Like Like Stone’ and an ‘Opal’


After exiting the cave proceed around the mountains until you reach a waterfall. Though it might look nice we actually want to go and inspect it.

Behind this waterfall there is a wall in which we can climb up. The wall will be much more darker in colour and be more rock like than the surrounding walls next to it. You will know if you have the correct wall as Link will be able to navigate and climb up it.

The shrine is located up at the top here.


A strange round stone from a Like Like, made of crystalized inner fluids. It’s a good ingredient for elixirs.


A valuable ore that gives off a mesmerizing iridescence similar to the inside of a seashell. It contains the power of water


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