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The Gutanbac Shrine is the third and final shrine that we can find within the Great Sky Island map. It is part of The Closed Door story objective. It is the shrine that resides in the treacherous snowy mountains.

In order to reach this shrine not only do we need to complete the prior, In-isa shrine, but we also need to be prepared to brave the cold temperatures. These mountains are harsh and unless we have something that can help us, Link will freeze to death.

Once you locate the Gutanbac Shrine we can then begin to solve the numerous puzzles that lay in wait.


How To Find The Gutanbac Shrine
How To Navigate The Snowy Mountains
Video Shows How To Solve The Gutanback Shrine Puzzles


When we first enter the shrine we will once again be confronted by our spirit guardian, Rauru. Who will give us another new ability. This time we will unlock the ‘Ascend’ ability. Which can teleport us through objects.

So after speaking with Rauru proceed and equip the ‘Ascend’ ability by hitting the L button on the Switch controller. Now this first section is rather easy.


There is a ledge right in front of us and as the rest of the room is relatively empty we should now where we need to go. So proceed with the ability equipped and head towards this said ledge.

Now if you head underneath the ledge the ‘Ascend’ ability will turn either red or green in colour. This should give you an indication as to our location. If it turns red then the ability will not work. Mostly likely because we are not at the correct location.

However, if it turns green then it will work and we will get the opposite affect. When this happens proceed and use the ability. We will then begin to teleport through the ledge and at the top of it. Great. That is the first puzzle complete and now we have some idea as to how the ‘Ascend’ actually works.


Once at the top you will notice that there are two tall platforms. One of which actually leads to a treasure chest (Stone Axe). The same method as before applies, make use of the new power that we just received. Keeping a watchful eye for the green indication.

Now proceed to teleport through to the top of the much larger pillar and we will encounter an enemy threat. Not a big deal as we have faced these before. Once defeated they usually tend to drop Old Wooden Bows, Soldier Construct Horn, and a Zonai Charge.


Now before we move on to the bridge that can be found next to the wall, there is yet another treasure chest that we can claim. The chest resides on the ledge near where we just came from. To reach the top of it we will first need to destroy the wooden boxes that is disguised along the wall. Destroy them and teleport to the top (Construct Bow)

After finding the treasure box head to the bridge next. Destroy the two straps that is currently holding it up. The bridge will then fall. Teleport through it in order to continue.


Our final puzzle features a moving platform. It should be easy enough to work this one out. Simply teleport through to the top of the platform. An easy way to do this is to time it so that you are underneath it when it moves around. The platform will actually stop moving when you activate the ability.

After navigating up the moving platform our puzzle issues will be over and all that is left for us to do is collect our next ‘Light Of Blessing’


This ability can be activated by using the L button on the controller. The ability itself can teleport us through objects, which can be useful when we need to reach higher vantage points.

”Move upward through solid material and emerge on top of it”


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