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Having to navigate the snowy and cold mountains is just one of the areas in which you will need to cross if you plan to continue on with the main story. At first this area will be rather troublesome, especially if you are not properly prepared.

The snowy mountains are harsh and as expected cold. Poor Link will definitely let you know about this too. Not only will he start to shiver and show that he is feeling the chill but it will also slowly deplete his health too. Leading to a possible Game Over.

So how do we get around this?


How To Find The Gutanbac Shrine
Video Shows You How To Navigate The Snowy Mountains


Though we can potentially try to navigate the snowy mountains relatively early on. In truth, having to traverse the snow is part of the journey towards one of the shrines. The Gutanbac Shrine to be exact. Which, if you are following the story, is actually our third shrine. With the first being the Ukouh Shrine.

The reasoning for this is due to the way the path is presented to us and the fact that tutorials are given to us which relate to our current adventures. This includes how to traverse through the snow.

So in order to get through the snow and be able to brave the cold we will need to be ready and prepared. We can do this more easily when we are done exploring the Mining Cave.

After exiting the Mining Cave we will then reach a cave. It is a relatively small cave and it is also situated around the large snowy and cold mountains. Giving us a hint as to where we will be needing to go next.

Inside this cave there is a Ranger Construct, who just happens to be enjoying a nearby campfire. Speak with them and they will tell us all about the harsh snowy mountains. That we will swiftly lose vitality and we need to be fortified against the cold.


One way to be prepared for our trip through the freezing cold temperatures is to cook up a nice meal. We can begin cooking a meal by using ingredients that we may have collected during our journey, alongside a nearby campfire. I knew this campfire was here for a reason!

As the Ranger Construct will point out we will need to make a meal with a name that more or less relates to our current situation. So a meal that has a resistance to the cold.


As previously mentioned by following the main story we are given subtle hints as to what we are meant to be doing. For example the nearby campfire, Ranger Construct, and even the ingredients that we need are also here too.

A good ingredient that we can find here and one that will be useful for our current situation is the ‘Spicy Pepper’. These are usually found on small plants within the cave and there are a few at the entrance too.

So gather some of those and that will take care of our ingredients issues.


With the ingredients now in our possession we can begin to cook our meal. So return back to the Ranger Construct and the important campfire. We cannot cook anything without it.

Head into your inventory screen and find the ‘Spicy Peppers’ and use them to cook the meal. In this case a ‘Spicy Sauteed Peppers’.


After being eaten Link will have a new resistance against the cold but only for a limited time. This is usually around 2:30 minutes. However, it can be stacked. So if you consume more of these meals then the resistance timer will increase. Of course you need to make sure you have the sufficient ingredients first in order to be able to make and cook more.

So make sure you give yourself enough time in which to explore the cold. Once the timer expires then Link will experience the cold temperatures again, so too will his health as it slowly decreases and gets sapped.


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