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The Closed Door quest objective comes shortly after the opening prologue. Our main goal is to unlock ‘The Closed Door’ and in order to be able to do this we are going to have to find and complete a total of three shrines.


Ukouh Shrine Puzzles
In-isa Shrine Puzzles
Gutanban Shrine Puzzles
Preparing For The Snow Mountains

Meeting Raaru and Learning About the Shrines

Your journey begins by meeting Raaru, who informs you that in order to access the closed door, you must first visit several shrines to power up your character’s arm. These conical rock structures are marked by a spiral of green light above them. To continue into the Temple of Time, you’ll need to locate and complete the first three shrines, all situated on the Great Sky Island.

Reaching the First Shrine

To reach the first shrine, head down the previous set of stairs and drop off the platform on the right. You’ll see the shrine atop a rocky pillar in the distance. Navigate the spiral staircase surrounding the pillar to reach the top, climbing over gaps as needed.

Upon reaching the top, you’ll find Ukouh Shrine. Interact with the door, this then adds the shrine as a fast travel point on your map and granting access inside.

Ukouh Shrine (The Ability to Create)

Inside the shrine, a cutscene will play, and Raaru will grant you the new ability – Ultrahand. This ability lets you identify and manipulate objects in the environment, allowing you to clear obstacles, create bridges, platforms, or even vehicles.

With Ultrahand active, any object that can be manipulated will appear highlighted in orange, changing to green when targeted by your character.

Navigating the Ukouh Shrine

As you enter the shrine, use your newly acquired Ultrahand ability to bridge gaps and navigate through various challenges. Utilize metal sheets and other objects to create pathways, and be on the lookout for treasure chests containing valuable items such as Amber.

After completing the shrine, Raaru will teach you how to use the Purah Plate and place pins on the map. Use this knowledge to mark the locations of the remaining two shrines: one to the southwest and another on a high ledge to the southeast.

Reaching the Second Shrine

To reach the second shrine, locate and climb up to a ruin southeast of the Ukouh Shrine, featuring a rail on top. Create a hanging platform using available materials, and ride the rail to the next island to the west.

On this new island, you’ll encounter a small shrine, a Steward Construct, and Raaru. Construct a makeshift bridge using logs and Ultrahand to cross a broken bridge nearby.

Continue to the southwestern part of the area, where you’ll find a rail leading to another island. Create another makeshift conveyance using logs and a hook, and ride the rail to the southeast, arriving on a lower section of the previous island.

In-Isa Shrine (The Ability to Combine)

Upon reaching the In-Isa Shrine, another cutscene will play, granting you a new ability called Fuse. This ability allows you to combine objects in the environment with your equipped weapon or shield, resulting in various effects depending on the chosen combination.

With the Fuse ability active, any object that can be manipulated will appear highlighted in blue, changing to green when targeted by your character.

Navigating the In-Isa Shrine

Use your new Fuse ability to combine a Rusty Claymore with a large rock, creating a powerful weapon capable of breaking down weak walls. Explore the shrine’s various rooms, harvesting items such as Fire Fruit and utilizing your Fuse ability to create flaming arrows for unique challenges.

After completing the In-Isa Shrine, a Steward Construct will provide you with an Energy Cell, used to power Zonai devices such as fans. The construct will also direct you to a nearby cave to the southeast.

Reaching the Third Shrine

Before heading to the cave, locate a weak wall near the shrine and use your rock weapon to break it open, revealing a treasure chest containing 5x Arrow.

Proceed to the cave entrance, avoiding or defeating any Soldier Constructs along the way. Inside the Pondside Cave, gather Brightbloom Seeds and mine ore deposits for valuable materials such as Flint and Zonaite. In order to light up dark caves we will need to use these Brightbloom Seeds and then either throw them or attack them in order for them to ignite light.

Navigate through the dimly lit cave, defeating various enemies such as Keese (bats) and Bubbulfrogs. Use your Ultrahand ability to create a raft, complete with a sail or fan, to traverse large bodies of water

Gutanbac Shrine (The Ability to Rise)

Once you’ve reached the Gutanbac Shrine, another cutscene will play, granting you the Ascend ability. This unique ability allows your character to pass through objects and platforms above them, emerging on top.

With Ascend active, your character will look upwards, and any object that can be passed through will appear highlighted in green, while non-compatible surfaces will appear red.

Navigating the Gutanbac Shrine

Utilize your newfound Ascend ability to navigate the Gutanbac Shrine, passing through overhangs and platforms to reach higher ledges. Defeat Soldier Constructs and locate hidden treasure chests to gather valuable items such as the Construct Bow.

After completing the Gutanbac Shrine, you’ll be tasked with returning to the Temple of Time and to the closed door.

Returning to the Temple of Time

After exiting the shrine proceed and use the Ascend ability to reach the top of the ledges. Into a large tree stump. Here we will find a chest containing an Archaic Warm Greaves. In the following area there will be a set of Zonai gliders, use them to return back to the temple.

Once there, interact with the door to the Temple of Time, triggering a scene and opening the door. This action will complete the current quest, allowing you to continue your adventure in search of Princess Zelda.

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