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This next section will have us exploring the Nachoyah Shrine. We can start our search for this shrine after we are done exploring the first three shrines and unlocking the door to the Temple of Time we can then progress on with our search for Zelda.


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The Nachoyah Shrine (Puzzles and Location) Video

Acquiring the Recall Ability

During the cut-scene, Link will be granted a new ability called Recall. This unique power allows him to target objects in the environment and reverse or rewind time for that specific object. When Recall is active, any manipulable object will be highlighted in gold. The ability will operate in reverse, with a small blue circle appearing at the center of the screen, slowly depleting counterclockwise. Once fully depleted, the object will return to its original state.

To put your newfound ability to the test, use Recall on one of the two waterwheels in the Temple of Time. Rewinding the waterwheel will enable you to ride its platforms upwards, reaching the taller pillar between the waterwheels and cogs. From there, locate the third, smaller cog, and use Recall to access the ledge behind it.

Using The Recall Ability To Rewind Objects

Finding the Fourth Shrine

As you attempt to open the large door behind the statue, you’ll discover that you lack the necessary strength. At this moment, Rauru will appear and inform you that one more shrine must be found. He’ll also teach you how to fast travel using the Purah Pad. Our search for Zelda will now continue over to the ‘Room of Awakening’. South of the map

Upon arriving, you’ll notice some familiar waterwheels and cogs on the left-hand wall. Use your Recall ability to rewind these cogs and create a path across the top of the pair, leading to a small entrance above the furthest one. Follow the cave to its end, where you’ll discover the Nachoyah Shrine

the Nachoyah Shrine

As you explore the shrine, you’ll encounter a large cog in the water to your left. Use Recall to reverse its movement, and then ride the cog teeth upwards to reach a small ledge above. Here, you’ll find a Treasure Chest containing Arrow x10.

Continuing through the shrine, you’ll come across a door guarded by a pair of rotating hands spinning in opposite directions. As the hands cross, the gate in the door will briefly open. To pass through, wait for the hands to cross and quickly use Recall on one of them, reversing its direction. This will then complete the Nachoyah Shrine

Returning to the Temple of Time

After receiving a Light of Blessing, exit the shrine and locate a nearby set of zonai gliders. Use a glider to return to the Temple of Time

a New Heart Container

When you arrive back at the Temple, the statue will be glowing. Interact with it to trigger a scene, during which you can choose to receive a new Heart Container. We can also exchange Light of Blessing rewards that we can claim from other shrines to gain even more Heart Containers.

Link Receives A Heart Container

Unlocking the Door to the Kingdom

Approach the door once more and interact with it. This time, you’ll successfully push it open, triggering another scene.

Navigate along the designated path on the walkway, which you’ll find is broken. Drop down to the lowest section and use the Ascend ability to pop up through the overhead bridge segment. Repeat this process for the next crack in the bridge. Our search for Zelda continues

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