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After exploring the Nachoyah Shrine we will now be making our way towards the Kingdom of Hyrule. At first we will find ourself on a platform high above the ground below, where a large tower can just about be seen through the vast amount of clouds.

Dive through the skies towards a large tower in the distance. Aim for one of the two small lakes in the central Hyrule Field to ensure a safe landing.


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While it’s important to focus on reaching the tower and progressing the story, there are several points of interest along the way that you shouldn’t miss. Be sure to keep an eye out for fallen debris and rocks from the Sky Islands above, which scatter the landscape. These debris spots offer unique materials such as Fire Fruit, Sundelion, and even Zonai Devices

We can also locate a chest containing an Opal over on one of the Bokoblins platforms. South east of the Lookout Landing.


Upon entering the Lookout Landing we will meet up with Mondi, who will tell us about Purah, who is currently looking for us.

Meeting with Mondi

Locate Purah, who can be found at the northern end of the settlement in a large building with a telescope on the roof. Climb the stairs to reach the building and speak with the NPC named Josha, who is standing just outside. This interaction will trigger a short scene


After meeting up with Josha we will be introduced to a character named Purah, who is the leader of the Lookout Landing and she continues to mention that someone named Hoz, who is part of a search party, is looking for us. They will then get added to the character profiles menu.

Purah she is a member of the Hylian


The highest authority on ancient technology. She has served Princess Zelda’s family for much of her life and worked with the princess to research the Zonai civilization. Most recently, they started an investigation into the outbreak of gloom. She has used herself as a test subject in her experiment, despite being over a century in age. She reversed her ageing to the extreme and actually looked like a child not too long ago.

Our next main story quest has us continuing our search for Princess Zelda.


After descending from the sky island, where you awoke, you returned to the kingdom of Hyrule and reunited with Purah at Lookout Landing. You learn that she’s been directing search efforts in the kingdom.

Work with Purah to find Princess Zelda.

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