In-Isa Shrine Puzzles (Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom)

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How to solve the In-isa Shrine puzzles. Which are all part of the second shrine that you will come across as part of The Closed Door quest objective within The Great Sky Island map. A quest that resides in Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom.

As part of the main story, the first shrine is the Ukouh shrine which teaches us all about the Ultrahand ability. Which is a super effective way of constructing and moving objects around. However, in this new shrine we will be learning a new ability. An ability known simply as the Fuse.


Where To Find The In-Isa Shrine
The Korok Friends (First Encounter)
Crossing The Zonai River (Pondside Caves)
Video Shows The In-isa Shrine Puzzles


In order to find the In-isa shrine you will first need to complete the Ukouh Shrine. Both of which make up two of the three shrines that we need to find as part of The Closed Door quest objective.

From there we will need to construct sails and ride ziplines. Which we can do by taking advantage of the Ultrahand ability. Found in the first shrine.


Now that we have both managed to find the shrine and unlocked the new Fuse ability we can move on to the puzzles. Do not worry they are not as tricky or as difficult as the ones that are found in the previous shrine. However, it does play a vital role in teaching us the ‘Fuse’ mechanics.

The ‘Fuse’ ability is one that allows Link to attach a range of different objects to his weapons. Both his sword and bow. In doing it increases the stats of the chosen weapon. It also allows us to inflict bigger damage and ‘destroy objects that we would not otherwise be able to’. However, if you were to unequip the object from the weapon we would then lose the extra stats that it gave us.

In order to equip the ‘Fuse’ ability we simply need to press and activate the ‘L’ button on the controller. This is the exact same way that we would activate the Ultrahand ability.


The first room sees us alone confronting a rather large rock wall. It is quite empty really. Save for a rather large boulder. Hmm..

Basically we need to destroy the wall in order to advance. Its quite simply given our new ability.


After destroying the rock wall we will then be in a room with two rather tall pillars. We can actually destroy these. One of which will reveal a treasure chest that contains an ‘Arrow x5’

There is also a door located in the room. This door leads to the next area. However, in order to open the door we need a key first. A ‘small key’ to be more specific.

So turn your attention to the right of the area to find a bunch of plants. These plants contain ‘Fire Fruit’. Here is a hint. These ‘Fire Fruit’ causes ‘Fire’ damage.

Now on the wall here there is a collection of weeds or grass that seems to be protecting a treasure box. Hmm.. Use the bow and combine it with the ‘Fire Fruit’. Inside the chest is our ‘small key’.


With the ‘small key’ now in our possession we can then unlock the door and continue on. This next following room is rather simply. It will pit us against a enemy foe that seems to also come equipped with its own ‘Fuse’ ability.

It basically acts as a test in order to combine everything that we have just learnt so far.


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